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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yobemoh Releases 'Wait There' Featuring Isolate

After a year of consistent hard work and creative dedication, rising Hip Hop act, Yobemoh recently released a track titled 'Wait There;' off a self titled album, 'Yobemoh' - scheduled for release in 2013.

As he continues to create more musical content, Yobemoh brings the proverbial Afro pop singer, Isolate into the mix in this one.

As earlier mentioned, the song took him about a year to wrap up, as he was ‘scouting’ for the ideal act to collaborate with on the track. Continuing with his collaborative trend, he has recorded tracks with Lord of Ajasa, Malam Spicey, Mimmy Tea, Hulguz Coddler and he still got plans to work with a host of other acts in several of his recording.

Yobemoh is a pioneer Hip Hop icon, performer, ardent lover and propagator of Hip Hop culture in Africa and the world over. Yobemoh shares an interesting embodiment,as the alter ego persona of the founder of ILLIFIC, Paul Akhimie one of Nigeria’s foremost talent management and entertainment agency, with a repertoire of acts such as Plantashun Boiz, Blackface, Lord of Ajasa, Bigiano, Mallam Spicey etc to name a few.

A veteran in the game, Yobemoh has been working the Nigerian Hip Hop circuit as far back as 1987 as a rapper, event promoter and campaigner of the culture (Hip Hop) till date. He performed in high school events, local Hip Hop events and talent platforms within the period of 1987-98. He actually got more active in promotions while in college, hosting street gigs such as Rap Attack between 1997-98, a platform set up to promote budding Hip Hop acts.

His salted blend of Hip Hop exhibits a rarity in this part of our world blending diverse cultural influences both indigenous & global in outlook.

Asked how he came about the name Yobemoh and he said “Back in my teen years my peeps referred to me as a homeboy, that fella you could rely on; I wanted to keep it but it sounded so cliché as at the time, so I needed to make it cool so I reversed the word ‘Homeboy’ and I came up with ‘Yobemoh’ and it stuck”.
When asked about his take on the Hip Hop scene of late he replies “I’m glad to see rappers making ends with their craft, but I’m very particular about creative diversity and this dudes just aint raising the bar and they burnt out already” he says.

Asked if he’ll like to change one or two things about the scene in Nigeria he responds. “Yeah! The lack of ingenuity and the myopic scope of their creative servings.  We’re in a cyber age, every rapper in Nigeria needs to step up their game ‘cause the world is our playing field and we’re accountable for whatever negative perception in terms of the quality of music we put out. Rappers, step your game up.”

Click HERE to listen to the song.

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