Saturday, 8 December 2012

OMG! Investors in Nigerian Oil Are Openly Pulling out and Taking Their Cash to Ghana, Angola

it was bad enough that we had problems like epileptic power supply, bad roads and abysmally bad governance but things just got worse for Nigeria as international oil companies have openly made it clear that they would rather do their business in countries like Ghana and Angola.

In case you've been guessing what their reasons are for pulling out of Nigeria, you can stop guessing now. they all pointed in the same direction - the unpredictable and unfriendly business environment in Nigeria.

If you've still got tears in your eyes, i feel you can start crying now. As for me, my eyes were permanently dry a long time ago.

Did you even know that a top official of one of the international oil companies openly admitted that as things stand in Nigeria right now, it makes more economic sense to do business in other African countries.

Personally, i find this tragic yet i wonder of those who have dragged the nation into this murky water would understand that robbing the nation blind is not the way to go.

By Samod Biobaku

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