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Friday, February 08, 2013

Just For Laughs | 23:00Hours Feb 8

Two Communities, Ozoro and Oleh in Delta state decided to hold a drinking competition.

A week to the competition, Ozoro community sent a delegate to Oleh, to confirm if the competition would still hold.

When the guy that led the delegate got there, the people of Oleh brought 20 litres of their strongest Ogogoro (Local Gin) as Kola.

The guy asked "Can i test it?"

The people said; "Go ahead."

The guy drank and finished the whole20 litres and said:

"This is okay, where is the main drink?"

The People of Oleh shouted; "Come o, are you among the competitors?"

The guy replied; "No, I did not qualify."

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  1. HAhahaha...So you mean pple from my hubby's place are experts at ogogoro contest....not fair nau.
    but sha, those people can drink...hahaha

  2. Ha! I didn't say anything o Kemisola. But of course we know some men can consume enough to float a ship. Should I mention names? Lol


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