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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Story of the Day | February 23, 2013

This Happened 2 a friend Yesterday and he says: I StillCan't Get Over It.

I Went 2 D Super Market 2 Pick
Sometime 2 Eat And As I WasWalking Down D Isle, I Noticed Dis Woman Staring At Me. I Looked At Her And Kept Walking To D Front Counter 2 Pick Bottled Water And Gala.

As I Picked Dem And Turned To Find D Same Woman Right In Front Of Me! ITried 2 Show Her Some Love, So I Smiled AndSaid:


Then I Went On To Get A
Can Coke. Can U Believe The Same Woman Followed Me? I Was Getting A Little Nervous And Mad Cos She Was Following Me Without Saying Anyting.
But I Tried To Stay Friendly" I Just Said:

She Finally Responded And Said:

"I Am Sorry 4 Staring But U Look Just Like My Youngest Son...We Just
Buried Him 2Wks Ago.

I Felt Stupid 4 Getting Mad As I Expressed My Sympathy To Her. She Said She Was Fine As She Knows Dat Her Son Is With D Lord.

Then She Asked Me To Do Her A Favour. I Said "If I Can".She Said She
Was A Bit Sad Dat Her Son Neva Said Goodbye 2 Her B4 Passing On.
She Asked Me To Get In Line
Behind Her and As She Left D Store, I Should

"Goodbye Mum" So Dat She Could Have Some Sense Of Closure.

Though Her Request Was Weird, I However Agreed 2 Grant It. So As She Collected Her Bags From D Cashier And Walked Away, I Said "Bye Mum". She Turnd And Said "Bye Son". When The
Cashier Calculated My Stuff, She Said The Total Was N6750!!!.

I Said: What!!...Can U Tell Me How A Bottle Of N70 Water, N5O Gala And N100 Can Coke Equals

She Said "Your Mum Said U Are Paying 4 Her Too"....
My Mum?, I Shouted:

"Dat Woman Is Not My Mother Ooo!!!". I Quickly Rushed Out Just In Time To See The Woman Approaching The Parking Lot. I Ran After Her And Was Screaming:

"Excuse Me, Excuse Me!!!"

She Started Running 4 Her Car As She Saw Me Coming. I Caught Up With Her Just B4 She Was Able 2 Close D Door. I Kept On Pulling And Pulling Her Legs!!! Just Like I'm Pulling Yours Now...

But if this had really happened to you, what would you have done?

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