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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Frustrated Armed Robbers - A funny story

There was this guy who admired houses wit nice and beautiful gates and fences. Whenever he passes anyone, he would pause and stare in wonder at such designs.

Very soon he earned enough money to buy a land and build. Because of his love for flashy gates, he first decided to mount cool fences with gates just after building. He had one outside and another just inside the compound.

Meanwhile, a group of armed robbers would always pass the compound and sight the lovely gates.

One midnight, they stormed the house and after breaking through the tall, steel fences and gates with much difficulty, they entered very exhausted (with the hope of getting something worth the stress) only to find out that the house was totally EMPTY! No sign of habitation!

On going to the sitting room they saw the guy lying on the bare floor with water bottle as pillow. The weary, exasperated hoodlums quickly woke him up and asked

THIEVES: Abeg we they find the house wey get those fine fine gate dem.

GUY: [sleepy-eyed] Na im be dis now!

THIEVES: Ah ah! Wey all your property now?

GUY: I never pack in oh. Dem dey village!

THIEVES: [looking so frustrated this time] Okay, shey food dey for kitchen?
GUY: Na the remaining one wey I finish b4 i sleep.

At this point, the thieves didn't know what to do. So one of them decided to search the guy's pockets but didn't see a single penny.

So they asked, "Na wa oh!!! OYA GO BRING WATER MAKE WE DRINK B4 WE GO"

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