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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Did the Dancer on Iyanya’s Stage Go Too Far by Stripping and Masturbating?

For some time now, my thoughts have been on a recent clip I watched showing a young lady who was invited on stage by Iyanya during one of his recent musical performances.

The fact that she was invited on stage to dance and thrill the crowd for a few minutes would have gone unnoticed, but what she did on stage during the few minutes she spent threw up a barrage of issues that should be given a closer look.

For instance, why did she go as far as executing certain dance steps that revealed her entire backside to thousands of guests at the event, and viewers of the video after it went online?

While some might argue that she was under the influence of certain intoxicating substances, there is absolutely no evidence to tie such a claim to.

For those who have not seen this video, the clip begins showing her already on stage, clad in a short yellow dress, her back to the yearning crowd at the event and pulling off a number of seductive twists and dance steps.

Things took a shocking turn when she suddenly bent forward to execute a certain dance move, and her short dress went so high as to expose the whole of her posterior. Perhaps, if she had instantly adjusted the dress back to its original position, many would have reasoned along the line of the incident being an accident. Rather, she just continued with her dancing, and of course, the crowd erupted with a deafening cheer as she sustained her act.

When she returned to an erect stance, she slightly pulled down her dress to cover her hips and backside once again, but suddenly raised the dress a little and began touching her genitals with her finger in the precise way a female masturbating would.

After some time, the DJ slowed the pace of the instrumental and songs she had been dancing to, and she brought her act to a halt, looked into the crowd and threw a dashing smile.

Naturally, different individuals would interpret, and describe her performance from conflicting perfectives depending on individual moral slants, but one question that would easily form the subject of a discourse would be: Did she go too far?

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