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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breaking News! BBM Finally Arrives on Android and IOS Devices But What Are Users Saying? [News]

On October 22, 2013, users of Android devices had their expectations high and of course, BBM finally delivered on it's promise of making BBM available on Android and IOS devices.

To download, click the link below:

Personally, I was eager to see if the integration was 100% confirmed and so I grabbed the closest devices to me; a Samsung device (notebook) and a Techno Phantom.

The download process was very secure and required a very detailed process.

Eventually, BBM was downloaded on the Samsung device but when I tried to run the application, an error message popped up saying my wireless connection was not connection.

Ironically, the same wireless connection was what I was using to power my laptop.

I navigated a bit more and then stumbled on comments of Samsung users who had downloaded the App just like I had.

This was what I discovered - 97% of users shared the error messages they also encountered but just one user out of hundreds confirmed its functionality.

Kindly download BBM on your Android or IOS and share your level of progress with us. Did it work on your device.

Please remember that the BBM App is presently (between October 22 and 24) restricted for Samsung users as I discovered the link directs you to the Samsung App store when you initiate a download.

The BBM App will be thrown open to all Android and IOS devices from October 24 (two days from today).

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