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Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Differentiate a Man From a Boy [Ladies, Do You Agree?]

A boy keeps a password on his cellphone while a real man is confident enough to say: "Baby, can you answer that for me?"

A boy spend a lot of leisure time on the street and often hangs out in club while a real man enjoys spending time with his woman and planning ahead for their future!

A boy complains about spending too much time with his girl,a real man plans vacation an getaway because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow isn't promised!

A boy has pride after arguments, a real man has heart & emotions.

A boy beats on his girl,a real man massages and caresses her.

A boy screams: 'Gold Digger' for simple things his girl wants,a real man says if it makes you happy, lets get it!

A boy tells his girl all d things she does wrong,a real man acknowledges her true love and hard work.

A boy tells his girl she's pretty,a real man tells his woman she's beautiful and appreciates her.

A boy will read this and think this is about him while a real man will read this and acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship.

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