Sunday, 3 November 2013

Describe This Boy in One Word

Girl: Honey, there's something i want us to talk about. It's so serious!

Boy: please don't tell me you are pregnant!

Girl: Am coming to stay with you coz u know my mum will be mad at me and will not allow me to stay with her once she finds out am pregnant *sobs*

Boy: Listen, I don't want to know. I always gave you the money to buy E-pills.

Girl: But it can happen by accident! *sobs*

Boy: Accident my foot! Listen and listen well eh! I don't want to see your face in this house. Let me not see you come here!

Girl: OMG! So that's how heartless you are huh? Thank God am not pregnant!

Boy: baby you know...

Girl: Shut up! And as u said you will never see my face in your house!

Boy: I'm sorry... Actually....

Girl: *sobs* sorry my foot....

Describe the boy in one word.

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  1. He is a wicked and bad terribly bad person


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