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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Finally! Cossy Finds a Solution to Her Controversial Boobs [Reveals How Much They Weigh]

Reveals how much they weigh

Have you ever wondered what the exact weight of popular actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor’s breasts are? If you are, then you’re in for a treat as she recently revealed the precise weight of her controversial boobs.

In a move that many would easily describe as another one of her daring outings, Cossy hit the nail on the head when she said “I tried so hard to cover this 6kg boobs...”

Anyone who knows the actress would be familiar with her penchant for exposing her boobs, cleavage and everything on her chest except her nipples, which she always conceals with wither objects or other brightly coloured items.

This penchant of her has apparently won her more fans and an increased number of critics and of course, those who would rather just sit on the fence and watch the dramatic episodes without taking sides.

Can Cossy ever decide to conceal her boobs as some expect her to? Well, the singer must have thought of doing just that; perhaps, not with the note of permanence expressed by a fraction of her critics as she took to her twitter handle and said “I need a turtle neck top tops badly,” right after she complained about being unable to conceal her boobs.

However, he question of whether she could fill her wardrobe with turtle-neck tops and cease flaunting her hefty boobs remains to be seen

Interestingly, the busty actress recently threw a question to her followers on the popular social media website, Twitter and as expected, the gates of reactions were flung open.

“So much love. Hmmm... Moment of truth - My left boob and my favourite pink panties are all over the net. Can you marry a girl like me?”

Reacting to this, a certain Timan said, “Point of correction. You’re no longer a girl. You’re a very old woman. I reject you in Jesus name. Wetin I wan tell my mama...” he enthused.

Jide Onu also towed the path of disgust when he said, “I am personally tired of seeing your boobs. I am sorry to say I cannot date not to talk of marrying you. “

In a sharp contrast to the initial comments, a fan, Bezo said, “Love you till I die. I can die for this girl. She is better than Genevieve, Kate Henshaw and Uche Jumbo.”

Another comment that declined Cossy’s offer without throwing in bricks of condemnation was from Austin and he said, “...sorry I can’t!”

A certain Adewole Ade took advantage of Cossy’s question to speak his mind. “She is okay. If she is ready, no problem – I will marry her.”

While some acknowledged her question as another one of her publicity stunt, others urged her to may hay while the sun shines.

One comment that many acknowledged as being honest came from a fan who identified herself as Red. “Yes – Yes and yes! I will because the Devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. Once the love is real, I don’t give a duck what or who you were in the past. I’m not in support of her boobs-flashing but guys, Cossy is lady who has seen and lived life. I believe she is going to be the best wife to any man who marries her because she would not want to lose him for anything. She has lived the best and worst of life. Someone somewhere must ready to do whatever it takes to make Cossy his. If Kim Kardashian can make Kanye West her man, why can’t Cossy get a man of her dreams as well?”

Cossy’s entry into the Nigerian movie industry happened in 2000 when she was cast in the movie, ‘The Only Nigerian Girl.’

“I just liked the name and I was feeling special then because I was very popular. I was a ‘waka pass’ in the movie but Andy Best ended up putting me on the posters and billboards and I was like Whaoh! I played a half role. It was such a small role that I didn’t even get to talk in the movie but I was everywhere; the posters, boards and everywhere and that was when I became a 100 per cent sure that I would make it in the industry,” she once said in an interview.

When she teamed up with popular Fuji act, Obesere, her popularity almost maxed out as the mere mention of her name was enough to start a heated discussion in public; even amongst strangers.
Despite the bad press and negative publicity, the actress has sustained her controversial lifestyle and preferences. At different times, she has shared pictures of her parents and furnished apartment in Lekki on Twitter.

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