Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nigerian Writer and Journalist, Tobore Comments on Declaration of President Jonathan as Nigeria's Mandela

I almost laughed my heart out when I read in the dailies, a statement credited to Presidential attack dog, Doyin Okukpe, wherein he placed wobbling and fumbling Nigerian President on same pedestal with South African iconic President, Nelson Mandela (may God bless his soul).

In furtherance of his subtle and unbridled act of sycophancy, Okukpe justified his position by stating thus " there is no president in Nigeria that has sacrificed 13 hours to discuss with ASUU".

I have long cultivated the habit of not being aghast at any statement from Aso Rock Aides. They stamp their idiocy at the face of Nigerians daily, and paint a sorry picture of Nigeria as a Nation populated with people bereft of commonsense. They are so careless even in their thoughts that one begins to wonder if they think through their anus.

Comparing Mandela with Jonathan is like comparing Satan with God. Neither bears a semblance to the other no matter how bizarre the parameter implored may be. Unless such parameter was manufactured in the phony mindsets of a shoe-shining few in the Villa.

Mandela represents a race with conscience as white as snow. Jonathan stands for the wrong side of fate, the scourge meted on a nation near-ruined by the remote machinations of a callous political class.

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