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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things You Probably Never Knew About Nollywood Actress, Chioma Toplis (+11 Photos)

Four words that might correctly describe Nollywood actress Chioma Toplis would be big, bold, beautiful and confident and this is large hinged on her physical outlook and personality.

In the last 10 years, the actress has had her fair share of fame, controversies and of course, unforgettable moments.

In this piece, we will examine the hard facts in the life of this actress as well as her view on several facets of life.

  • She has a plus-sized physique
  • She had her big break into the Nigerian movie industry in 2004
  • She is presently based in the UK
  • In addition to acting, Chioma Toplis also has an arm in the business of owning and running a boutique
  • Some of the movies she has been cast in include Deadly Friend, Proof of Life, Mad Ghost, Iran, Zara, Sincerity and a host of others
  • Chioma Toplis is married to a Briton
  • She considers herself an introvert despite her job as an actress
  • Interestingly, Chioma Toplis presently involves herself in her business dealing much more than she does in acting
  • At the moment, she only acts when her business schedule loosens up
  • She no longer attends auditions
  • Chioma Toplis gets roles from producers who have worked with her in the past and value her acting talent
  • The actress is quite selective about the movies she gets involved in
  • She does not get as many scripts as she used to receive in the past
  • She admits that some people consider her arrogant but she affirms that she is not
  • Chioma Toplis is not interested or excited about the politics of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and hopes that the body will engender peace
  • She hopes that Nigeria will one day, produce a female president
  • She has blacklisted playing roles that have to do with going nude in Nollywood flicks
  • The actress noted that she would only play roles that have nude scenes in movies outside Nollywood where the level of professionalism is higher. “If I find myself in Hollywood, I will interpret whatever role I’m given to play. When people kiss in Hollywood, it looks real. But  in actuality, nothing serious happened. In Nollywood and given the kind of culture we have here, it’s a big issue.  You will be castigated and disowned by your family.”
  • She is also into the business of interior decoration
  • Chioma Toplis is quite sensitive about the kind of friends she keeps
  • Her dressing has been a source of controversy for the actress
  • She admits that she has had to cease wearing certain outfits as she is no longer as young as she once was. “I just want to be wearing clothes that suits my age.,” she once admitted
  • She has cut down on the frequency of wearing mini-skirts
  • She is 41 years old
  • She has been married for 19 years
  • Chioma Toplis single-handedly raised her three children as her husband worked outside the country
  • She met her husband in Nigeria at a send-forth party she has attended in the company of a friend who was married to a Norwegian
  • She does not consume alcoholic drinks
  • The first thing her husband complimented about her was her dentition
  • She relocated to the UK right after her marriage to her engineer hubby
  • Shortly after her marriage, she had to relocate a lot but ceased movie when her children secured permanent schools in the UK
  • She tames admirers by telling them she married
  • Chioma Toplic hails from Umuahia in Abia State
  • She is the fourth child in her family
  • Her husband hails from the United Kingdom
  • She got married when she was 22 years old
  • Chioma Toplis has more clients in Nigeria than she has in the UK
  • The actress once averred that she is not attracted to Nigerian men
  • She studied English at Barking College in London
  • For her beauty routine, she cleanses and moisturises her body regularly and applies her powder
  • She is not a fashion freak and prefers to dress for the occasion
  • To a very large extent, Chioma Toplis has tamed her dressing and would for instance, only wear ‘bum shorts’ to the beach and not to a public function as she might have done in the past

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