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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

16 Celebrities Who Aren't Using Their Real Names (+16 Photos)

It is strange to think that someone like a celebrity, someone whose movements are tracked day in and day out, may not be the person the world has come to know and love.

No, not like they're a bunch of double agents or something. It's more along the lines of a simple name change.

Check out the true names of some of the world's most popular stars.

Katy Perry
Although Katy Perry has quite literally made a name for herself, her family knows her by a different one. According to her birth certificate, the blossoming singer is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She reportedly changed her last name to Perry, her mother's maiden name, so people would not confuse her with the actress, Kate Hudson.

Bruno Mars
Mars apparently didn't like his real name, Peter Hernandez, just the way it was. His original name caused unwanted commentary. Not wanting to heed the many suggestions to be a Latin artist, he changed his name to Bruno -— a nickname he earned as a child.

Nicki Minaj
The iconic musical sensation was born Onika Maraj. Nicki was and is the singer's nickname. Her last name was changed due to a recommendation which she eventually agreed to.

Snoop Dogg
What a surprise. Snoop Dogg is not a legitimate name. Let's face it, not many rappers sell albums with a name like Calvin Broadus.

Miley Cyrus
In 2008, Miley Cyrus changed her name. Her birth name of Destiny Hope Cyrus did not satisfy the celeb. Miley Ray Cyrus, however, has earned her notoriety around the globe.

Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix's original name was Joaquin Bottom. He, along with the rest of the former Bottom family, supposedly took the last name Phoenix in honour of new beginnings. Since the Bottom family travelled in pursuit of their acting careers, the new name seemed a perfectly poetic fit.

Olivia Wilde
The gorgeous and talented Olivia Wilde was once a member of the Cockburn clan. Unlike her professionally known parents, journalism did not spark her fancy. Out of admiration for a character she portrayed in a high school play, Olivia adopted the last name of Oscar Wilde.

Portia de Rossi
Ellen Degeneres' celebrity wife is actually Amanda Rogers. The name change is said to be the result of a strange urge the woman had when she was younger. Going from Amanda to Portia seemed to satisfy her urge to do something daring.

Charlie Sheen
A small few may also know this man as Carlos Estevez. Sheen's famous father is Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, who you probably know better as Martin Sheen. Charlie followed his father's footsteps and changed his name to an Americanized version, thinking it would help his acting career.

Whoopi Goldberg
The name millions have come to know was once Caryn Johnson. How did the change come about? Well, one fart in a small studio earned her the nickname of Whoopi, like the cushion. The last name was already a part of her family tree.

Hulk Hogan
If not for wrestling, Hulk Hogan would still be Terry Bollea. Hogan got his name after appearing alongside Lou Ferrigno — the actor who played the Incredible Hulk on screen — on television.
People commented that Hogan was physically larger than the Hulk himself, and the name just stuck.

Carmen Electra
The sexy celeb's real name is actually Tara Patrick. When she was younger, she signed a record contract with Prince. He was the one that suggested she change her name to Carmen, and the rest is history.

Marilyn Monroe
Norma Jean Mortensen is not the name the world is familiar with. The first playboy model changed her name to something more seductive. Marilyn Monroe always had a memorable ring to it.

Helen Mirren
Admittedly, Ilyena Mironov is a much more exotic name than Helen Mirren. The switch to her stage name, however, was pretty simple. She just thought Helen Mirren was a better fit.

Elton John
The award winning musical artist apparently was not fond of Reginald Dwight. He always liked to be a bit edgy. He merged the two names of his favorite saxophonists and presto...international sensation.

Demi Moore
One of the bombshells of Hollywood was once known as Demetria Guynes. So why the name change to something with less syllables? Moore was her first husband's last name, and apparently the name just stuck.

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