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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Black Circle

Once upon a time, a guy named Stanley went to a native doctor and requested to know how bright his destiny would be.
After listening to his request, the native doctor told Stanley the spell would cost him N10,000. he was surprised that a simple spell like this could cost that much but he was really eager to have this sorted out once and for all so, he agreed to pay.

The native doctor asked him to take his seat. When he was seated, he brought out several weird things Stanley couldn't recognise. He took his seat directly opposite Stanley on the bare floor and drew a circle with a white chalk and another circle with a black chalk.

He then placed a dead millipede on the floor and asked Stanley to watch carefully.

He explained that he would chant some incantations to make the dead millipede start crawling.

The witchdoctor told Stanley that if the millipede crawls into the white circle, it means his destiny would be bright and prosperous.

He was quick to add that, if however, the millipede crawls into the black circle, it means his destiny would be dark and full of gloom and confusion.

He began chanting the incantations and the dead millipede started crawling. Stanley was amazed.

When it got in between the two circles, it turned and started crawling towards the black circle.

Stanley watched... As it was about to crawl into the black circle, he picked it and gently dropped it into the white circle.

The native doctor got furious and asked why he did that.

Stanley replied: "I won't fold my arms and watch my destiny crawl into darkness. My destiny is in my hands!"

With that, he got up, paid the native doctor, stepped out of the shrine, kept walking and never looked back. As he walked, he asked for forgiveness from God and made a vow never to get involved in anything that looked diabolic or required the services of a native doctor or anyone versed in dark arts.

Dear reader, you believe in voodoo, black magic or what Nigerians often refer to as Juju? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Unknown | Simply SAMAD

This story is dedicated to anyone out there who has ever been frustrated to the point of seeking our dark priests and spiritualists. May God grant you the wisdom to make guided decisions and the will to overcome the trials of life.

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