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Friday, July 04, 2014

Nollywood Actress, Dayo Amusa Reveals Her Biggest Disappointment

She’s beautiful, curvy and understands how to convincingly interpret any role she gets saddled with in a movie – These are three things that fittingly describe Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa and over the years, she has gradually transformed herself from a mere actress to one whose face, voice and presence instantly throws thousands of fans into a wave of undiluted excitement.

Given the level of buzz she receives across the online and offline media terrains, quite a lot has been said about her. While some factually hit the nail on the head, others throw up incessant misconceptions about her and this explains why this piece will reel out the facts and memorable moments in the life of this actress.
We will also take a look at some of her controversies and her position on them.

  • She picked up the name ‘Dewunmi Iberu’ within the movie circle
  • Dayo Amusa is the first child in a family of five
  • Her mum hails from Ogun State while her dad hails from Lagos
  • She was raised in a home where a lot of emphasis was placed on academic excellence
  • When she was much younger, she had always dreamt of studying the arts but her family had zero tolerance for art-related courses
  • She was raised by her mum in Lagos
  • She has had quite a number of controversies but has been able to take them in good strides
  • In addition to being an actress, she is also a movie producer
  • She was once alleged to have been in an intimate relationship with top Fuji act, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal a.k.a K1, which she vehemently and consistently denied. “I don’t know what their problem is. If since 2011 people have been insinuating we’re dating, are we not supposed to be tired of each other? Just because they don’t understand the true relationship between us, that’s why they keep peddling useless rumour. They are just disturbing their brains over what is not. But my conclusion is that whoever thinks my way of life is a problem to him or her should vacate the earth surface and stay six feet underneath.”
  • She produced the movie ‘Unforgivable’ and ‘Dewunmi Iberu’
  • Dayo Amusa was at a time accused of being a lesbian but she made it crystal that she has never seen herself venturing into such things
  • She attended Mayflower Secondary School
  • Dayo Amusa obtained her National Diploma in Food Technology from Moshood Abiola Polythecnic in Ogun State
  • She was unable to proceed with her HND, because she delved into business at a very early stage in her life
  • One of the most embarrassing/saddest days of her life was the day she acted seven scenes in a movie, told her friends about it and when they bought a copy of the movie and converged to see it, Dayo Amusa was not in a single scene of the movie. “My first movie ever was Wemimo’s film, Aiye Jobele. I acted seven scenes and went back to school to tell my friends to watch out for me. I went with pictures I took with some of the stars including Saidi Balogun, Baba Wande and others. To my greatest shock when the movie came out, I didn’t see any of my scenes. My roommates gathered to watch; looking for me in the movie. They asked if it was true I was in the movie. I cried and went to a business centre and called Wemimo. He asked why I couldn’t go and meet the DOP I was friendly with on set. What happened was, I think he had something in mind but he never asked me out. I was closer to a man behind the scenes who asked me out then. I didn’t even date him. We just struck a good friendship. He’s an elderly man and his name is Uncle Sunday Ogunyemi. Wemimo said since I saw the man as the alpha and omega, I should go and meet him. I cried that day and told him that he will still spend a fortune to beg me to act for him. I believe it’s still going to happen.”
  • She got into the movie industry after seeing the movie, ‘Ale Ariwo.’
  • After she was cast in the movie, ‘Itakun,’ several doors of opportunities opened up to her
  • She was shot into prominence after she produced her first movie, ‘Aje Egbodo.’
  • The movie, ‘Aje Egbodo’ was an all-female cast movie and was centred on lesbianism
  • The controversies about her being a lesbian began right after she produced the movie ‘Aje Egbodo’
  • For the records, the actress has denied being a lesbian on several occasions. “How can I be a lesbian and write a story to preach against it? They said I’m a lesbian while another blogger said I’m a serial lover. Which one should we believe?”
  • Another thing that happened after she produced the movie, ‘Aje Egbodo’ was that lesbians began expressing their desires to get intimately involved with her. “When they made their passes, I made them understand that I’m not into lesbianism. Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa lesbians made passes at me. They usually started by being friendly. You will get the message when they do odd things and would come out clearly when they know you are already suspicious or aware. I’m not interested. I’m so-so straight. I’m very finicky, I can’t do that.”
  • There are females who feel it’s okay when a girl fondles a fellow girl’s boobs so long as there’s no sexual intercourse – Dayo Amusa does not find this amusing in any way. “It’s a big deal. It’s not safe. It’s demonic. How can a girl be fondling my boobs? No way. They’re for the opposite sex. That’s what the Bible says. I’m a Christian.”
  • If there is one thing the pretty actress would love to change, it would be the misconception people have about her personality especially those who judge her in a hurry
  • Some other controversies the actress has had to contend with include allegations of dating a drug baron, acquiring wealth through drugs, being a serial lover and sniffing hard substances. In her reaction, she said, “I have never seen drugs before except the powder and cassava flour we use in movies. I don’t know if I have dated a drug baron before. I am saying this because you know men can hide a lot of things but none has ever come out to say he’s into narcotics. I don’t even understand why anyone would say I sniff drugs... I don’t have diamonds. I wonder how people come up with these stories. I’ve been doing business as far back as 1998. Don’t you think the business would have grown since then? Those who know where I come from won’t be surprised at my progress? I still do buying and selling and I have a crèche, Paydab in Surulere. I run a business with my mum. She sells toys. If you call me a serial lover and you mention one or two names, that’s dumb. Serial means many. He should roll out more names.
  • She has never been heartbroken but sometimes finds herself breaking hearts
  • She did not have a boyfriend till she gained admission into the higher institution
  • She once cheated on her boyfriend and she had a defence. “It happened when I realized he wasn’t real and not what he said he was. In my mind, I moved on even without telling him. I move on in my mind before telling the person I’m dating. If I make up my mind, that’s it.”
  • Dayo Amusa believes men are natural polygamists and have a primitive tendency to cheat on their partners. “Which guy does not cheat? Guys are born to cheat but I won’t leave my man because he cheated. I won’t. That’s the way men are. They can tell you, you are the only sugar in their tea. Don’t mind them. There’s honey they are mixing with it… The most dangerous women are women who don’t appear bothered because you don’t know what I’m thinking in my head.”
  • She is a strong advocate of allowing men express themselves especially when he respects his woman. “Some of us complain of problems in marriage and some are down with one sickness or the other simply because we don’t want to overlook those irrelevant things. Why on earth should a woman carry the husband’s phone when he is in the bathroom just because she wants to catch him in his sexcapades? Why create time just to drive around town looking for where his car is parked? Why liaise with your female friends to get him caught when some of them are after him and ready to take him from you?”

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