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Monday, September 15, 2014

GOND Scribe Reveals How Dance Cures Insanity

Secretary says Dance relieves stress, keeps the body fit.

In addition to the long list of benefits that can be derived from dancing, the Secretary, Guild of Nigerian Dance (GOND), Emmanuel Adejumo a.k.a Boisala has explained that dance can also be used to cure a wide range of illnesses including insanity.

He explained that in cases of insanity, dance can be used to restore sanity by playing a particular kind of music and following certain dance steps. "Some native people that cure insanity use dance steps and if it is continuously done, the insane person can regain his sanity. Dance helps us to appreciate science because of what it does to the body. Many people do not know that dance has a therapeutic nature that can be used to heal many illnesses,” he said.

He added that the benefit of dance was not restricted to self expression or entertainment alone adding that it could also keep the body healthy in so many other ways.

"Someone’s psyche can be touched because of dance, but not many people are aware of that. The alertness of the minds and physical finesses of many Nigerians would increase if dance is adopted as a therapy in the country. That is why we hold workshops, seminars and talk-shops on dance and what it does for the body,” he enthused.

According to Adejumo, dances like the bata, traditional, salsa, samba and others, are being taught in universities, so that a student either specialises as a choreographer or a professional dance therapist.
He, however, said that the challenge dancers faced was that many people considered dance as just a means of moving one’s body, usually for entertainment, "but it is no longer so. People now read dance to doctorate degree level; so, it shows that it is no more just dancing for entertainment, but a serious business. If we had the power to do the physical one, what about the intellectual side of it? We should be able to adequately tell what we do in clear terms. After dancing and anybody wants the dance to be interpreted, the dancer should be able to adequately explain what he or she has done, he said.

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