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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Lagos Weekend [A Review]

What does a weekend in Lagos mean to you? For some, it's an opportunity to finally stay away from work for two days and to others, it's an opportunity to relax, unwind and have some tamed or wild fun depending on what appeals to you. We also have those who use their weekends to deepen their spirituality and those who barely ever leave the comfort of their home. So, again we ask, what does a weekend in Lagos mean to you?
In this piece, a Lagos resident shares what a weekend in the city of Lagos means to him. Enjoy!

Life in Lagos has always struck me as turbulent, chaotic and constantly filled with enough details to turn a complete gentleman into a deranged monster perfectly concealed beneath corporate wears and smiles that never linger past the surface.

It, therefore, hardly comes as a surprise to realize that that millions of residents of the ‘Centre of Excellence’ as Lagos is sometimes called, consistently look forward to Fridays; the day popularly considered the end of every working week. The acronym ‘TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)’ has since assumed a key that unlocks the door of relaxation, fun and excitement for a majority of the populace. The idea of a perfect weekend in Lagos naturally varies depending on where individual interests lie.

The Mainland in Lagos

For those on the mainland; an axis of Lagos, which includes places like Ikeja, Surulere, Ebute Metta, Egbeda, Mushin, Oshodi, Ikorodu, Iju, Yaba, Apapa and other popular social spots, clubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and fun spots present a quick escape from the harsh realities of work, government and occupational demands. The Lagos mainland has a rich offering of tasteful and exquisite options for those who prefer the soothing option of fancy places to hang out with friends or family.

We also have the loud, wild and bubbly options for those who prefer the excitement that comes with roadside bars and golden quarters that offer the private brand of entertainment.

Individuals with what many would be quick to tag as deviant appetite for fun are always more than eager to latch onto the operations of strip clubs that are constantly springing up on the mainland and there are more than a few of these.

The Island in Lagos

Meanwhile, life on the Island especially in places like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, Ajah and others equally enjoy the wide array of posh restaurants, clubs, shopping malls and recreational spots that make the weekend come alive. One element that however, gives those who choose to unwind on the Island an edge over those who patronise the mainland is the aquatic edge and serenity of nature’s touch they glaringly enjoy. Of course, the Island is surrounded by water so things like boat clubs and rides across the lagoon are exclusively confined to the Island.

Another point of call on the Island for many is the private and public beaches available to those who seek fun right in front of the waves. Visits to the beach are usually reserved for Saturdays or Sunday mornings when the weather is predominantly clear and friendly. In addition, most of those who spend time at the beach often tend to spend the entire day there especially for those driving in from the mainland.

Traffic in Lagos

The traffic congestion in Lagos never eases up on weekends. Rather, it often escalates with the traffic of residents and travellers moving around the already congested city.

Ebun and Lade White Wedding in Lagos - Photography By Jide Odukoya

Weddings in Lagos

Weekends also play host to hundreds of weddings across the city and their colourful Ankara fabrics, headgears and other traditional attires stand out as monuments of matrimonial crusades.

Police in Lagos

Men of the Nigeria Police Force in Lagos are not left out of the buzz and frenzy as they make their presence felt at countless checkpoints across the city. Police vans and unbranded buses that comb the corners of the state are not hard to miss. Well, the police in Lagos enjoy having conversations with occupants of cars and vehicles they stop at checkpoints. Sometimes, these conversations are peaceful and short but at other times, it spirals into a long list of likely endings that include options like getting arrested, being taken to the police station, unnecessary questions and arguments, getting slapped and in some cases, getting shot at (Yes! with a gun). It all depends on what transpires during the conversation.

Prostitutes in Lagos

One aspect of Lagos that cannot be ignored or ruled out is the activities of prostitutes and commercial sex workers who eagerly provide sexual thrills at divergent rates to a cross-section of clients. Their rates differ depending on how they size you up and whether what you want is a quick ease off or an all-night adventure with ladies who have mastered the art of pleasing men sexually. Let's leave this here.

Cinemas in Lagos

Also, cinemas like Silverbird Cinema, Film House, Ozone, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The City Mall Cinemas and a host of others also enjoy a large traffic of humans on weekends. Movies are a big thing in Lagos and while they offer business opportunities for investors, they offer a steady source of entertainment to those who have a soft spot on the big screen and popcorn.

Weekend at Home in Lagos

Who says you have to go out to have a wonderful weekend? You can decide to either spend your weekend at home by yourself or invite a friend or friends over. You can see a movie together, chat over a pack of pizza and bowls of ice cream or any other thing that collectively appeals to you. If you're a gamer, you can indulge yourself in playing your XBox or PlayStation console without even stepping outside.

Exercising in Lagos

The weekend is a great time to exercise and more people are including a morning or evening run into their weekend plans. Mornings are more popular and a drive around will give you an opportunity to see runners making the best use of the weekend to burn some calories. All the major stadiums in Lagos are currently on the mainland. We have the Teslim Balogun Stadium and the National Stadium as the top two Lagos boasts of. The Island also has sporting facilities and spots like Fun Turf and many others.

Workaholics in Lagos

Not everyone enjoys the luxury of unwinding on weekends. We have those whose working days don't end on Fridays. They work on the weekends so for them, it's not particularly different from a typical working day of the week. We do hope this isn't you though.

Swimming in Lagos

If you love to swim with a particular liking for depth and size, then you wouldn’t want to miss the Olympic-sized pool of the Lagos Airport Hotel in Ikeja – The pool currently remains the biggest on the mainland with its deepest end measuring a staggering 25 feet. A number of hotels on the mainland and Island also have pools that allow you keep a honed edge on your swimming skills.
These are just a few of the many offerings of a typical weekend in Lagos. Tell us how you spend a typical weekend in Lagos.

Author: Samod Biobaku | Simply SAMAD

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