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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Bells of Lust

Two brothers fall in love with a girl named Sefiyat. Driven by the desperation to have sex with her, one of them gets inspired by the Devil to do something unthinkable.

Advisory Content:
This story contains a degree of graphical content and language that might be considered violent/sexual/explicit and is not suitable for readers under 18 years old.

Once upon a time, there were two brothers; one named Sule and his older brother was called Ismaila. They were largely untamed, crude and loud but not all bad as they had their good sides as well.

There was also Sefiyat; she was my cousin; not related to Sule and Ismaila in any way. At the time, we were all teenagers.

I was just an observer and that was all I was. I observed the three characters involved in this story closely; especially from the moment I knew that there was something amiss.

My interest was stirred when I discover that the brothers boyishly lusted after Sefiyat. Perhaps, what they felt for her might be better described as infatuation because whenever I was opportune to be a part of their discussion, I always marvelled at how they would go on and on about matters relating to Sefiyat and their feelings for her. A large chunk of these feelings revolved around words like bed, breasts, ass, orgasm, sexual pleasure and the mention of several other body parts.

Of the two brothers, Sule had a more confident approach as it was crystal clear to both of them that there was no way they could share Sefiyat especially since she was not a jam doughnut they could cut in two. So, while Sule took the driver’s seat to hunt Sefiyat down intimately, Ismaila was forced to the bench like an injured footballer.

It, therefore, didn’t come as a surprise when Sule confidently considered and eventually declared himself Sefiyat’s ‘honey pie;’ a belief I found delusional. Sule, however, felt it was safer not to declare this openly but it was an open secret the brothers shared.

Sule was not the shy type and I wasn’t caught unaware when he began making moves towards luring Sefiyat into his love nest.

There was no doubt about the fact that of all the qualities Sefiyat possessed, the one Sule was overly excited about was her physical form and endowments.

While Sefiyat looked to me, like any other girl in the neighbourhood, to Sule, she stood out like a Greek goddess; her breasts like fresh apples waiting to be plucked and sweetly chewed upon; her bum like a teddy to be held and caressed; her lips like berries to be gently nibbled at and sucked; her nipples, often straining against the fabric of her blouse, never failed to set Sule ablaze with a flameless fire.

It didn’t take too long before she became an item of obsession for the young man. However, if Sefiyat had shared even half of what Sule felt for her, perhaps, they would have been able to strike an intimate equilibrium, which, would have enabled Sule to have his way and sensually fulfil his erotic quest of ploughing Sefiyat’s Promise Land, which lay somewhere between the girl’s voluptuous thighs.

Unfortunately, she did not and consistently turned down Sule’s request for intimacy without even batting an eyelid. She wouldn’t even let Sule touch her let alone fan his ember of seduction. The harder he tried to lure her into bed, the stronger her resistance got and this continued for quite some time.

I knew for a fact that Sule was no gentleman and that there was no way he was going to succeed in his plan to have sex with Sefiyat but like an observer that I was, I merely watched as the drama unfolded on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that I was young, I did not fail to realize that Sule was a poor student of the laws of attraction. He was not neat. He was overtly vulgar in his ways. He lacked tactical knowledge of seduction and he was abysmally loud and vain and generally unrefined.

He would curse, fight, appear untidy and had a reputation for violent confrontations yet, was regrettably unattractive to Sefiyat in any possible way.

Sefiyat on the other hand, might not have been the perfect city girl but she did not share or admire these qualities Sule possessed in any way.

After a few weeks of trying and constantly failing, frustration began to set in for Sule and whenever I saw the look in his eyes when he looked at Sefiyat walk by, I knew the young man had begun to scheme.

I once asked him out of curiosity:

“Ki lo ma wa se nisiyin (which in Yoruba language meant: ‘So, what are you going to do next?’)” and he had replied:

“Mo ma get omo yi (which translated into: ‘I’m going to get this girl’ in Yoruba language).

Suddenly, Sule hatched a plan to get Sefiyat regardless of whether she liked him or not but I had no idea what he was planning for the grand finale.

Sule’s plan was to corner Sefiyat while she was having her bath in the bathroom. There were two bathrooms in the house and they were only divided by a wall/fence.

On the day Sule chose to act out his carnal desires, Sefiyat had entered one of the bathrooms; just as she did every other day to take her bath.

The moment Sule saw her go in, he swung into action; he dashed into the second bathroom and locked himself in the moment he stepped inside. Like a starved demon, he began to shed his clothes as if they had spikes in them until he was left with only his underwear and this happened to be a plain black pant. Sule knew how important time was to his randy plan and he wasted none of it. Putting his clothes aside as quietly as he could, he deftly put his feet on the water closet and climbed to the very top of the wall. For a moment, he suddenly stopped; not because he was tired or scared but because he wanted to listen. Listening to the movement of his target was supremely essential to his plan. If he went in too early, he would regret not waiting a little longer for her to undress. He also knew that if he went in too late, he would regret not going in early enough to catch her completely nude.

Sule wasn’t really good at Maths that had to do with solving equations or advanced calculations but when it came to calculating and anticipating the actions and movement of a naked girl in a bathroom, he had the proficiency of a grandmaster.

At this point, he could hear Sefiyat move around preparing to have her bath and though, he couldn’t see her, he could hear her movement. Suddenly, he heard the shower come on with the water pelting the tiled floor loud enough for him to hear. This could as well have been music to Sule’s ears because his body came alive. He could feel his pants begin to swell in the right places. He licked his lips in excitement as his third leg began to respond, nod and grow hard and erect in anticipation of the sweetness of the things he would do to Sefiyat when he finally got to her.

Others might have called this a rape plan but to Sule, it was a way of finally getting Sefiyat to succumb to the erotic instrumentals he had been playing for her all along. As far as he was concerned, he had to have this girl and since words had failed him, it was time to get physical with the girl. He suddenly thought to himself that maybe Sefiyat did not like the idea of being seen with him in public glare. If that was the case, this would turn out even better than he had anticipated. The thought of stepping into the shower with her and laying his hands on her wet skin made his heart skip a couple of beats. He was happy about this and turned his mind back to listening and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Sule definitely knew a whole lot of things but one thing he did not know was that while he had a seemingly perfect plan, there was a dark cloud hanging on the horizon.

The bathroom was all tiles and while this made it easy to clean, it, however, proved to be Sule’s nemesis. The wall was quite high. Sule knew there was absolutely no way in the world that he was going to jump down. That was a terrible plan because Sefiyat would certainly hear his feet hit the floor and she might flip into a state of shock and prompt her to scream. He didn’t want that at all. It would ruin his delicious plan. He had to climb down. There was no other way.

When he heard Sefiyat’s body come between the water streaming from the shower and the tiled floor, he made his move. Just as Sule was about to place his feet on the water closet in the bathroom Sefiyat was in, which would have enabled him to descend quietly, disaster struck… He slipped! He didn’t see this coming at all so struggled to hang onto something; anything but it was too late. He fell... He fell all the way from the top of the wall and as he fell, a terrifying scream erupted from his open mouth: “Yeeeeeeeeeeee…!”

His eyes opening wide in a terrifying mixture of horror and panic. Sule found himself in midair; struggling to grab onto something, anything at all but failed woefully to do so. By the time Sule hit the floor tiles from the high wall from which he had slipped, he did so with an extremely loud thud as he reflexively screamed out in pain because he landed on his belly and struck the tiled floor very hard too; smashing his rib cage into the cold hard floor of the bathroom.

Out of shock and fear, Sefiyat grabbed her towel, threw it around her body in a desperate rush and dashed out of the bathroom screaming; without even bothering to see who or what had made the disturbing noise. Fortunately for her, she was yet to remove her towel, so, it was easy for her to run out of the bathroom; in a bid to escape from whatever it was that had howled out so loud. What Sule had thought was her body coming between the water from the shower and the floor was actually her palm merely feeling for the temperature of the water.

Naturally, people close by quickly gathered and comforted the terrified girl who looked stunned and terrified. She stood some distance away from the bathroom, constantly pointing at the bathroom door as she struggled to explain what made her dash out of the bathroom.

Sule knew his game was up; his romantic script had suddenly turned into a dramatic tragedy.

The wind had finally blown and the hen’s anus was out in the open; exposed and glaring; leaving a foul stench in its wake.

Sule knew he could not stay in the bathroom forever, so, he decided the best thing he could do was to seek an escape. By the time he desperately dashed out of the bathroom, he was only clad in his wet black pant; running away with his erect manhood shamelessly pointing forward.

One thing I found quite funny was the fact that he was running with an erection and had lines of the tiles all over his chest and stomach; a very clear indication that he had hit the ground very hard.

Sule tried to escape and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. However, the culprit didn’t get far and was chased down and caught by an older man who had seen Sefiyat run out of the bathroom.

While men and women comforted Sefiyat and tried to calm her down, the man who caught Sule knew precisely what to do with the randy boy. I remember the man very well; he was big, tall, very strong and had very powerful hands. I recall this scene in vivid details. I watched him drag (a struggling and screaming) Sule along with him towards a tall tree that had thick and strong branches. At first, I didn’t understand why he was dragging the boy towards a tree but I watched on regardless.

I remember how he used one hand to cut a very long branch off the tree while using the other hand to pin the struggling Sule to the ground. When he had detached the branch from the tree, what he had in his hand was no longer an ordinary branch. It was a cane and in his huge hands, it had the trappings of a whip in the hands of a man who has a masters degree in torturing guilty souls. By the time he descended on Sule, your guess is as good as mine. Sule didn’t cry or scream. It was worse. He howled out loud like a wounded dog as I held my belly laughing my head off.

Did Sule deserve what he got or would you have preferred a different ending to the story?

Author: Samod Biobaku | Simply SAMAD
A true life story


  1., great work Samad, you've got me wondering what's next :)....Zeal.

  2. Interesting read my dear. You sure out did yourself this time. Keep up the good work Samad

  3. Thanks a lot Zeal. I really appreciate the comments and i have been cooking - not with vegetables, turkey and fish but with words and story lines that spur me to do what i do. Thanks again Zeal.

    Ashaby, thanks for the glowing comments and encouraging lines. I really appreciate them. You always give me something to look forward to. Once again, thanks a bunch.

  4. Very funny
    I Like.... :D

    Ineh Angel...!

  5. nice piece.. that's a good lesson for those guys who want to get btw the laps at all cost..
    keep it up dear

  6. Thanks Segzy. Samad @ ur service. Do av a great day 2day.

    Thanks Ineh Angel. Hope you're looking as pretty as ever?

    Temmybaby, a huge thank you to you as well for the comments. I'm surely going to sleep better tonight. *wink*

  7. Sule deserve what he got n much more

    1. Thanks for the comment Veronica. Sule certainly deserves every inch of what he got. Serves him right. We look forward to reading from you again.


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