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Friday, April 06, 2012

Her ROOM II (A Story Of Sex, Sins And Shocking Outcomes)

Advisory Content:
This poem contains very explicit sexual content and language


As Jide stepped into Tracy’s room
He could tell that a lot was going to happen
When she switched on the light
He took in details of the room
But didn’t have to take in much
As the room was scantily furnished
It had a couch
A good number of doors
And a cream coloured rug
There wasn’t much left

When Jide asked why she didn’t have much furniture
She replied:
“Well, I really haven’t gotten around to unpacking a lot of my stuff”
Not wanting the conversation to go sour
Jide asked:
“So, this is the room I’ve always looked forward to sitting in”
He jumped in the couch
Playfully landed on his bum
And asked
“Is Tracy going to leave me to sit here all alone?”

She smiled at him from where she stood
And slowly walked towards him
Turned her back to him
Lowered herself between his legs
As she used both hands to part his legs
To make way for her to sit
Still having her back to him

As she sat there
He could take in the smell of her perfume
Which he had become familiar with
As she sat between his legs
He slid one hand under her yellow T-shirt
And ran his fingers over her flat belly line
She placed her hand above his
And gently let him stroke her belly
As familiar currents powered through her entire physical framework

After a minute and half
She asked him in a voice that might as well have been a whisper:
“I made you dinner. Guess what I made?”
Jide knew the occasion felt special
And that she must have prepared his favourite
Pasta and spicy sauce
When she rose and walked away from him to get his meal
His belly grumbled in anticipation
And in a very short space of time
She was back
With a dish so beautiful
Jide knew its content just had to be tasty

She placed it on the couch right on front of him
Handed him a clean fork
And urged him to go ahead

Jide flicked the cover open
And what he saw made him salivate
The aroma of the pasta stroked his nostrils
While the sight of red spicy-looking sauce
And loads of chicken massaged his vision

She joined him as he dug his fork into the meal
Eating as if his belly was set on a timer
And they both ate
She got up to get him fresh juice and water
And as Jide ate, he also drank

When he was done
She took the now empty dish back inside
Returned after three minutes and said to him:
“I need to take a shower”
Jide took one quick look at her firm breasts
Her face
Her flat belly line
Her tender thighs
The gentle slope of her waist
And the steady bounce of her ass as she walked away
And replied: “Okay babe!”

When Jide was alone
He tapped his pocket
And felt the reassuring bulge of the condoms that lay within
He reclined on the sofa
Enjoying the coolness oozing out of her air conditioning system
And cast his mind back on his roller-coaster affair with Tracy

She was very attractive
She possessed the body of a goddess
Was caring
Was well educated
Yet remained very mysterious

For instance
Jide could not understand why she often had to embark on trips
Outside Lagos on very short notices
And then return looking shiny and even more beautiful
Why she had playfully proposed marriage to him
Why she was living alone in Lagos
Even when she was barely 22 years old
Why she would wake him up at odd hours of the night
Sometimes around 4:00am and ask him to come outside to meet her
How she knew so many influential people
Or why she had taken so long to bring him into her room
So many questions

He was still thinking deeply about this when she appeared
And Jide looked at her from her toes upwards
Her feet were bare as she stood on the rug
Her well carved legs stood straight and beautiful
Her lower thighs glittering from spots of water what still clung to them
Her hips crying to be held even as she wrapped herself in a white towel
The towel wrapped over her chest and lower body
Did little to extinguish the erotic flames that burnt inside Jide

Tracy was very observant
A quality Jide loved about her
And she asked
“What’s the matter baby?”
In a voice that took all his worries away
And he replied: “I was just wondering what could be holding you back in the showers”
“I’m right here baby…” she said back to him
He smiled
She smiled back and began to walk towards him

Jide was about to say something
When she reached where he sat
And put a finger over his lips
Without vocally asking him to remain quiet
She bent over and kissed him tenderly
On the cheek
On his lips
In his ears and so many other soft places

She spread her thighs and sat on his legs
Allowing the weight of his legs carry her
When her ass made contact with his legs
Jide could feel the rising sensation of the cable between his legs
He could feel the steady swell
And knew that in a very short while
He would be as hard as a gun

Her sitting position gave Jide a feeling of riding or being ridden like a bike
Yet he never took his eyes off her
She was indeed a sight to behold even while up close

He carefully traced his hands across her back
Feeling for the locked edge of her towel
She equally used both hands to trace the familiar buckle of his belt
And just as he made contact with what he was looking for
She also unzipped his pants
And what came jumping out
Made her smile

Before he could release her towel
She moved away from him
And stunned him by burying her mouth over his very erect manhood
The warmth of her mouth felt like a vagina
And Jide felt his manhood fill up the whole of her mouth
After a while, she paused
Slowly withdrew his manhood from her mouth
And motioned for him to get up
And when he did
She held his manhood with one hand
And began sucking him
Moving her head in a back and forth motion

Jide had his eyes closed
Yet he saw sparks and stars flying all around him
After three minutes
He felt a volcano building in him
And pulled her to her feet
He pulled lightly and the towel fell to the ground
Revealing a form tastier than the meal he had for dinner

Just as she had done during the episode in front of her door
She once again
Placed his erect manhood between her very wet thighs
And began to grind
A motion that forced Jide to close his eyes again

Jide knew that if this went on for another 10 to 15 minutes
He would shoot his load
He moved his lips towards her ears and whispered:
“Baby, I want to be inside you”
“Are you sure?” she asked back
And he replied in two words: “Yes baby”

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his condoms
He was about to tear the pack when she whispered:
“No baby! Wait”
And then he waited
While she resumed grinding him

After a minute
He tried to tear the pack and then she held his hand
Playfully pushed him back on the sofa
He looked at her
Condoms still in his hand
She snatched the pack from him
And sat on his thighs
His erect manhood now at the very peak of its erection
As it brushed against her now wet clitoris
And she moved her hip upwards
Slowly positioning it just above the tip of his cock
And then she lowered herself onto him
Jide had the kind of manhood that would make a virgin scream out in pain
And he was afraid that Tracy would scream
Of course she did but only for a very brief instant
As she began to ride him

She was on top of him and this gave her control over him
As she rode him like a wild stallion
Jide felt her hips rise and fall with a speed that amazed him
Jide thrust back with each thrust of hers
And soon
They moved like one
After ten minutes
He raised her off his thighs
Gently urged her to turn her back to him
And go on her knees

And he held her hips with one hand and guided himself into her from behind
She welcomed him with moans of pleasure
Jide thrust his waist back and forth
Slamming his manhood into pleasure zones within her
She moaned and groaned like a child sucking on a lollipop
After 15 minutes in this position
He was about to climax when she turned around
Made him lie on his back
And straddled him like a pony
Jide could still feel the ejaculation coming
And mustered the strength to whisper to her
“Baby, I’m coming”
She simply intensified the motion of her hips and refused to slow down or get off
As he tried to lift her off to spray his semen outside her
She surprised him with her strength and kept thrusting
Till he exploded inside her
While she equally began moaning in ecstasy
And eventually climaxed as well

She let herself fall on his chest
And took long deep breathes
She had enjoyed every bit of it and so had he
He asked her how she felt
And her smile was enough for an answer
She asked him the same and a kiss on her forehead answered the question

After six minutes
She got up
Picked up the towel
And told him she would be back

Knowing she had gone a shower
Jide sat up
Looked at his wristwatch
And it was 12 minutes before midnight
He knew he had to leave immediately
And get some sleep before rising early for work the following day

But he knew he had to await her return
He glanced around the room
And his eyes fell on the condom
He picked it up
And just before a line of worry took form on his forehead
She appeared and asked:
“Did you miss me?”
“Sure did baby” was his reply

She knew he had to leave and saw him off to the door
He kissed her on the forehead again and hugged her goodbye
As Jide lay on his bed that night
He began to worry
Since he lost his virginity seven years ago
He had never had unprotected sex before
Yet he just did with a girl who had questions written all over her
Suddenly, more questions came to him
What if she had a virus?
What if she got pregnant?
To these questions
He had absolutely no answers

He knew what he was going to do
He remembered that a month before he met Tracy
He had been involved in an automobile accident
He had been hospitalized
And had tested negative to HIV AIDS
During the series of tests that were carried out

A month and half after his unprotected sex with Tracy
He finally summoned the courage to do what he had to do
He strolled casually into a laboratory
For a general blood test

When he returned to the lab the following day
The look on the lab attendant’s face said it all
Everything in Jide’s life was about to change
He tested positive to a number of STDs
Syphilis, gonorrhea and a host of others
Including HIV/AIDS

Jide knew he had just been handed a death certificate
But he consoled himself
With the thought that the lab was run by quacks
He therefore went to another lab
Where he paid the lab attendant a huge sum to run a general test on him
And call him with the result
“Here’s my number
Just call me and tell me positive or negative
I already know. I just want to be 100% sure” he had explained.

As Jide sat watching his phone
A text message came in from Tracy
And it read:
“Jide, I think I’m pregnant and the doctor just called
He said there’s something very important that he has to tell me in person
Please call me…”
Jide had barely finished reading the message
When his phone began to ring

He recognized the number as that of the lab attendant he had bribed
He received the call and heard:
“Oga Jide, na you dey talk?”
Na me Kenneth from lab”
“I know it’s you Kenneth” Jide answered.
“Oga! Na positive o… Oga Jide, you dey there? Oga Jide…”
Jide dropped the phone
Held his head between his hands
And tears of regret filled his eyes
And he recalled that precise moment
When he stepped into her room…

Composed by Samod Biobaku

Cover model and photography courtesy Tolulope & Daisy Mo respectively. Contact Daisy Mo for photography services on 08078506075 or Desola.anomasaun@gmail.com

This story is dedicated to my loving mentor, Uncle Muibi, my elderly ‘uncle;’ Mr. Folorunsho and all those who played an integral (God-sent) role in my life thus far. You all know yourselves. Also to my mother, Mrs. Biobaku whom I have always called ‘Alhaja’ since I knew how to call names as a kid. You’re the best.
I’m also dedicating to all the HIV/AIDS victims out there. We should never discriminate against them. To young men and women like me, please embrace abstinence but if you must have sex, please use a condom. If your partner says no, then pull up your pants and walk away. It’s hard but I have done it before and I’m still here. If he/she really loves you, then they would use protection.

This poem was composed on April 1, 2012

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  1. Samad I read this one and my oh my, explosive... I love the message u trying to pass accross though u made a whole lot of people(including me) have crazy imaginations. AIDS is real, if can't abstain which is hard esp if u av tasted it before, pls use a condom!!!! God bless you Samad...

  2. Thanks for the comment. I know for a fact like you, there were several others whose imaginations had torn the roof off their thoughts and i could easily have fed it with a bizarre (or even violent) climax but on second thoughts, i felt it wouldn't be a bad idea to share a critical message with everyone i care about (including you). I really wouldn't want any such fate to befall anyone i have on my list of buddies, loved ones, fans and even critics so let's never get too carried away. Thanks again and do have a wonderful week.

    Before the end of May, i will deliver a piece that will fill up the open crevices of your imagination with something much more daring and incredibly tense (absolutely devoid of any element of sex - keep your fingers crossed)

    However, before then, i'll serve up some others to rev your thoughts.
    Stay safe and remember not to drink and drive.

  3. This ia absolutely a much needed story. I like d pace and the fact that u tried to point out that even during the 'heat' one shld stil be wt his or senses. Besides been educative, ds story would give any softsell magazine a run for their money any day! Call me up when u want to start publishing :D. Thumbs up Samad.

  4. This ia absolutely a much needed story. I like d pace and the fact that u tried to point out that even during the 'heat' one shld stil be wt his or senses. Besides been educative, ds story would give any softsell magazine a run for their money any day! Call me up when u want to start publishing :D. Thumbs up Samad.

  5. Well written
    I love it :D

    Ineh Angel...!

  6. Yaaaay**samad has done it again!!loving your work of nature boo keep it up.
    Truth is that people should be conscious of unprotected sex
    And use protection cos its goes a long way!!save your life for those who love

  7. Nice. My question is did she know she was positive? Thanks for †ђξ message, let's not let d̶̲̥̅̊ heat ø̲̣̣ƒ †ђξ moment get us carried away. If Ў☺ΰ can't stay without sex, get married cos sometimes condoms get torn.

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