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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Unhappy Woman

In 2011, Mrs. Ajayi was not happy - In all honesty she was in an extreme state of despair yet she felt like jumping. She knew these were two things that should never go together but the feeling persisted.
She had a lot of things on her mind but this feeling of jumping stayed with her like a shadow on a hot afternnon. It was just there and no matter how hard she tried to shake it, it wouldn’t go away.

“Nobody seems to understand how I feel,” she said to herself.

“I’m a simple woman and I have always tried to lead a simple life yet the Devil always has a way of getting in the way of my happiness,” Mrs. Ajayi lamented.

She walked past a blind man who sat by the side of the road; apparently waiting for the next person to drop money into his tray.

She knew a lot of people would find it easy to tag her an ingrate but she didn’t care.

“They just don’t understand. They just don’t. No one does,” she said to herself.

For every step she took, the feeling of jumping persisted and she asked herself: “What am I going to do?”

She was not expecting a reply from anyone and was not surprised when it never came.

“I have to jump. I must jump. It is the only way. It is!”

Now she knew she was going to jump and she also knew she had to make it count. It was the only way...

By this time she was no longer on the street – Rather, she was looking down at the street and the different people who went about their various businesses. They looked tiny from the rooftop of the building where she stood but her vision was clear...

“When I’m dead, there won’t be anything to worry about... I would be gone forever and leave behind this world and its many problems."

At the moment, she was on the rooftop of a building that had 23 floors and there was only one place she wanted to be – Not where she stood, not 23 floors below but with her maker. Yes! She was now very eager to die. She craved it like a junkie hooked on hard drugs.

“Father Lord, I know that you might not like what I’m about to do but I know I’ll be happier when I leave this world and come to you... and that time will be now...”

As she spoke the words, she jumped. Yes! She jumped.

Falling thorugh the air, she closed her eyes; not wanting anything to taint this beautiful moment of her escape from this problematic world.

Shortly after, she landed on a taxi; head first. The sound of her body crashing into a taxi was loud.

She had multiple fractures in more than a dozen places including her spinal cord, which was by now broken.

When Mrs. Ajayi began to hear voices that sounded distant, she was glad to discover that angels actually communicated in English language. She was happy. She couldn't see anything but she was happy she was now without problems.

She could tell that they angels were talking about her.

Her eyes remained shut. She had expected that she would feel like a brand new being; fresh and newly made but when she felt bolts of pain stampede all through her fragile body, she was shocked. She didn't understand what was happening. This had to be Hell Fire. Was this God's way of punishing her? She had to apologise to God. He just had to understand that the problems in her life left her with no choice but to kill herself.

In a flash of deperation, she threw her eyelids open and what she saw made her scream out in long deafening screech – She saw what looked like a surgeon and nurses with gloves on their hands and by the time she saw the inscription on the wall, she passed out as the words ‘Intensive Care Unit’ registered in her sight...

Author: Samod Biobaku | Simply SAMAD

True life incident with a slight alteration in the identity of the character.

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  1. Such a shame for Mrs Ajayi. Many people don't speak up until it is too late.

  2. I guess one d problem that contributed to her suicide mission is idleness, learn to open up n always find something or somewhere to laugh out ur problems


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