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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2003, CELIA BISSONG Reveals the Responsibilities That Came With the Crown

Her name is Celia Bissong and she was crowned the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 2003. Since then, a whole lot has changed in the life of this gorgeous TV presenter.
In this interview with PUNCH, she speaks on a whole lot of issues, her personality as well as the challenges that comes with being crowned a beauty queen.

Life after Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2003

I was abroad for a couple of years. While there, I was modelling and schooling in New York. I was at the City University of New York, where I studied Accounting. I have always dreamt of starting my own modelling management company in Nigeria and to bring professionalism into the industry. So after school, I felt the time was ripe to return and fulfill my dream and I returned about three years ago.

What I do currently

I used to present a programme on DSTV by a company called, Africa Awake. I still do that. Also, I anchored a talent show and I am going into another presentation job soon. I also do a bit of acting in Nollywood. I just finished a soap opera hitting the screen soon called Echoes. I did another movie in Ghana with Nadia Buhari and Chris Attoh. I do other businesses too.

Benefits of being a beauty queen

Winning the pageant in 2003 at 19 was a blessing. Of course, it is part of my life. It was a very good platform so it has contributed in making me the kind of woman I am today. Though, some knew me to be a former queen, I still like to keep my private life. It is all about being focused and doing what your passion is. I just want to take time out, sit back and strategise. Did I miss the crown? Maybe for a couple of months because you need to adjust to not having things done for you unlike when you were a queen. You no longer have a chaperon or a personal assistant or a driver. I looked at the crown as a very solid leverage, which I believe, I utilised. Even if I missed the crown it was only for a little while. I got busy with school after my reign; there was no time to sit and brood over it.

Downsides of being a queen

I won’t call it downsides; instead I would say it is taking up the responsibilities that come with the crown. For instance, in one year, you can’t go to certain places because your movement is now dictated by a regulatory body, you get very busy and your time and life is no longer yours. People want to know even what is going on in your bedroom (I found it really strange). Even as an ex-beauty queen, I still get that kind of attention, though thankfully its less now. But you know what? I grew into a young lady.

Being slim

It’s so funny because when I won the crown, I used to eat a lot and rarely did any exercise. I ate a lot and I was still skinny. Now, I have to exercise because one’s weight begins to fluctuate when you are getting older. I am 28 now, so, if I were eating a bowl of ice-cream eight years ago, I make it only a scoop now.

Beauty routine

I try to exfoliate my face especially once or twice a week. I use sun protection and I don’t wear make-up when at home.


It is all about looking good and feeling good, it is a total package-top-to-toe. It’s more than just the physical because when you look good, you feel good. Sometimes, I am very simple because I believe there is beauty in simplicity. I also like to keep it elegant.

Fashion accessories I can’t do without

I tend to go with things that would fit me and not basically what is trending but I love shoes, bags and perfumes a lot.


I always have a good book. I am reading, I never promised you a rose garden by Joel Greenberg at the moment. It’s a classic, a bestseller. Next to reading, I love to listen to music and hang out with friends. It’s great to get rid of every negative thought in your head and launch into the relaxation mode.

My childhood

I come from a close knit family so there was never a dull moment. We are from Yala in Cross River State. When I won the crown, in as much as my family were all happy for me, I did not get any preferential treatment. I did my usual house chores and as the last child I had to give even more respect to my elderly ones.

 Culled from PUNCH

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