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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snakes Take Over Tenancy in Yenagoa

The high flood which left about three quarter of the capital city submerged is blamed for the high presence of the reptiles around human settlements.

Though there had been no reported death caused by snake bites, the number of persons treated for snake bites in the last three weeks had increased tremendously, it was learnt. In spite of risk posed by the invasion of these reptiles, snake hunters have been making brisk business in the last couple of weeks as the flood sacked thousands of residents from their homes.Only last week, a swamp buggy operator clearing the canal of debris and trapped water plants narrowly escaped being killed by a giant python at the Opolo suburb of Yenagoa.

The snake was said to have wrapped itself round the swamp buggy cabin trying to reach the terrified operator but could not due to the metal and fibre-glass protection around him before it later disappeared into the canal causing the man to run for his dear life.

”We are living in fear of snake bites. The reptiles are always lurking around homes and some have started to enter houses and putting small children in danger,” lamented John Aziba, a resident of Azikoro.

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