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Sunday, December 02, 2012

IK Osakioduwa is Very Angry

Popular radio presenter and TV show host, IK Osakioduwa furious at the moment and to find out why he's angry, read his outburst on Twitter earlier today and find out why:

@ik_osakioduwa: I think that it's sooooooo unfair for radio presenters to take money from artists to play their music. Isn't it our JOB to play good music?

@ik_osakioduwa: After artists spend money on studios, producers, back up singers and marketers, why would you be asking for "Pay to Play"? Have a heart now.
@ik_osakioduwa: @ROYALRAZACKINES actually bro even when I was a hungry radio presenter I never took a dime from any artist. Ask around.

@ik_osakioduwa: If there was anyway to consider it OK to take cash for airplay, then the presenters who do it would be proud to say so.

@ik_osakioduwa: Once you take cash to play music, you reduce the demand on the artist to make good music. so in the end you'll just be ruining the industry.

@ik_osakioduwa: I know some presenters are reading this and probably cussing me out, but you know I'm right, that's why you can't tweet your position at me.

@ik_osakioduwa: You really can't blame artists for not speaking up. They are afraid of getting blacklisted by other presenters for taking down a colleague.

@ik_osakioduwa: Funny enough many of us radio presenters had a great deal to say about Farouk Lawan. We are not that different now are we? Bribe is bribe

What do you think?

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