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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Slow Sales For Windows 8

I don't know if you have seen the new Windows 8 but personally, i just don't see it likable at all.

Here's what the market and stats had to say though:

Microsoft is said to be unhappy with the rate of Windows 8 adoption since its Oct. 26 launch. Windows 8 device sales have not met Redmond’s internal projections, and the company is blaming it on lackluster hardware from OEMs. Microsoft is citing PC makers’ “inability to deliver,” according to SuperSite for Windows, which would underscore its push into the hardware space with the Surface tablets.

No one in Redmond is complaining publicly, of course, and the company is offering the same bland comment it’s been repeating since the Windows 8 launch. “Microsoft has worked deeply with our OEM partners on the design and capabilities of new Windows 8 PCs and are excited to bring these PCs to market together,” a company spokeswoman said. The company did not provide Wired with device sales figures or forecasts.

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