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Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Headache of Lagos Girls and Marriage

Most girls want to be engaged to a serious man and also wish to get married but what kind of man wants to get engaged to a babe whose status reads things like: 'Liquids loading' "Elegushi loadin,' 'Movida on point,' 'Wine Bar Abuja toh badt,' '6 bottles I gallant,' 'Club Rumours on my mind,' 'Clubbing mode activated,' 'Champaign rain,' 'Octopus Lounge is the only place to be tonight,' 'Missing my bed tonite,' 'Off to Crystal Lounge,' 'I'm gonna party real hard 2nite,' 'Owerri, Benin, Lagos, PH, Abuja, Asaba, Bayelsa on my mind,' 'Painting Accra blue and red,' 'Dubai n Italy tins...'

You wear skimpy clothes - almost naked - loud nails and paintings you call makeup and you put them up as your display picture - You put pictures you took in different hotels, hotel bedrooms and bathrooms up as your display pictures and worse still, you have status updates like:

'Alhaji thank you,' 'Baby thank you ( Since your boyfriend does not have a name),' 'Senator God bless you,' 'Honourable, you are too much...'

You take pictures in different cars - Are you a driver? You put up ipad 3, Bold 5 and Blackberry Porsche as your display picture and your boyfriend usues a Curve 2.

You never stop blabbing about Brazilian hair, Romanian hair, Peruvian hair and others - Who is fooling who? Some babes are just not ready and will never be. That's the plain truth or do you think the men don't see these things You better have a rethink.

When you clock 33 years, your Blackberry status changes to: "Church on ma mind", "I love Jesus", "Jesus saves..."

At 35 years, you start with: "All men are evil."

At 37, you no longer miss any church service or crusade. By then, you have expired and are already off the market.

Fresh and adventurous babes take over from you and then you begin to beef them. You spend hours in your salon gossiping about younger girls other married girls and how bad men are...

True or False?

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