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Sunday, February 03, 2013

What Kind of Coffins or Caskets Do Nigerians Go For?

Hi all, i just read an interview with an undertaker/coffin (or casket if that's your preference) merchant, Solarin in the PUNCH newspaper and thought i should share a part of this interview with you. Here:

What kind of funeral package does the rich demand?

The package for rich people is between a minimum of N150,000 to N15m.

How do you handle those that cannot afford it?

No. We understand that some people do not have much money to spend. Since we are undertakers with sympathy, we try to assist such people by giving them a considerable package. And if it is only caskets they need, we give them the lowest price available.

What do you mean by the lowest price?

We do coffins of N20,000 or N25,000. For such coffins, we use the Akanmu wood which is very cheap. We just polish it and insert ordinary lining inside. I must confess that it is difficult dealing with these set of people because even though the money they are paying is little, they will demand to see everything. But because we are sympathetic, we are often not bothered because we know that we are all human beings and are the same.

How do the poor bury their dead?

After buying the coffin, they get a space in a public cemetery for as low as N20,000. Then they hold a church service and reception for their guests.

Source: PUNCH

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