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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Damoche’s Last Interview [Viewer Discretion is Advised]

On February 28, the news of the death of an undergraduate of the Lagos State University (LASU) broke into several headlines and by the time the corpse was identified as that of up and coming singer, Damino Damoche (born Damilola Olaniyan Ibrahim), it became a topical incident and continued to trend all over the social media space.

However, prior to his death, Simply SAMAD had an interview with the singer whose penchant for lewd lyrics has hurled him into significant prominence.

In a chat with him at Club Royale within the Ikeja axis of Lagos State, he spoke about his brand of music, the explicit content of his lyrics, his spiritual life, his weaknesses, his educational ambitions and other interesting issues.


Tell us your full names
My names are Damilola Olaniyan Ibrahim a. k. a Damino Damoche.

I have noticed that your songs have gone viral. How does this make you feel?
I really thank God because there are a lot of artistes in the building. The industry has not been easy in terms of competition but I have to continue to strike to make a name for myself first. I’m glad that people are beginning to identify me as a musical brand.

How did your first album, Damino Damoche do?
Well, the album did quite well and I released quite a number of other singles afterwards.

A lot of music lovers have complained about your flagrant use of lewd lyrics and how you keep singing about naked women, sex, breasts, and other explicit content
Entertainment is all about the kind of orientation you have. |There are times when you just have to go out to find out what people want. You also have to be different in such a way as to grab their attention. There are a lot of artistes out there and you just can’t afford to go unnoticed. You must get the people to talk about your music. If you can achieve that, then it’s a very good start. That’s the way I see the entertainment business.

What genre of music would you categorise your musical works into?
I call it Hip Hop and Street pop.

Are you looking forward to working with other artistes in the not-so distant future?

I featured a lot of artistes in my first album and would be doing more collaborations subsequently. So far, I have been able to capture the attention of street fans so what I need now is to penetrate the radio and TV.

Are you married?
No o. I’m single o. Won o ni fe korin oku ni ojo wedding now (when translated into English from Yoruba, this means: “Who would want to perform a song that befits a burial at a wedding ceremony?”

How old are you now?
I’m over 20. That’s all I can say.

Tell us a bit more about yourself
My real names are Damilola Olaniyan Ibrahim. I’m a Muslim…

Hold on! You’re a Muslim?
Yes I am. I attended Yinusa Nursery and primary School in Agege. I also had my secondary education at Agege. I attended Keke High School. I had my OND at Yabatech but right now, I’m in LASU.

What course are you studying at the Lagos State University?
I study Banking and Finance.

You know there are different kinds of Muslims – Are you the praying kind of Muslim?
I’m a normal Muslim. The kind of Muslim that wakes up and says: “God, I thank you o for keeping me alive.”

Do you observe your 5 daily prayers?
I won’t say I don’t observe the 5 daily prayers o. I even normally say more than 5. Sometimes, I observe as much as 10 daily prayers. Anytime I wake up, I just pray to God for waking me up.

Damilola, this is the month of Ramadan – It’s the holy month when Muslims around the world fast. Have you been fasting?
I fast sometimes. I don’t need to lie to you. I fast sometimes. A lot of times, I have shows and stuffs like that and at such times, I cannot fast. Anytime I have the opportunity to fast, I do so.

How many have you fasted this year for instance?
At least, I should be able to do half of it.

I know that when the time comes, you’re going to get married and everything. What kind of woman would you like to marry and spend the rest of your life with?
Just an average girl – someone who is okay. Just a nice girl who would understand the nature of what I do. I don’t want a girl I would tell that I have a show and would not believe me and think I’m going to sleep in a hotel with another woman.

What state are you from?
I’m from Ogun State – Abeokuta.

Damoche was shot and stabbed to death b y suspected cult members operating on a motorcycle while he was leaving the school through the Iba Gate on Thursday, February 28.

According to reports, Olaniyan, a student of Banking and Finance, was killed after writing a test at Faculty of Management Science.

A source within LASU revealed that after Damoche was shot, he was also stabbed repeatedly by his assailants.

By Samod Biobaku

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