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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rapist on the Prowl?

…53-yr-old mother cries out; the man that raped my daughter is after my life

A 53-year-old food vendor at the popular Ojuelegba park in Lagos simply identified as Madam Ganiyat, has cried out to relevant authorities over alleged threat to her life by a member of the NURTW Ojuelegba branch (name withheld) after she sued him for raping her daughter.
Ganiyat from Ijebu in Ogun state told Crime Alert that the victim (name with held on victim’s wish) is her third child and that she was 22 years old when the ugly incident took place.  She was also said to be a student at Anse-Udeen College of Education, Isolo while waiting for admission into the university.   The distraught woman narrated her plight.

How I received the news

It was a rainy afternoon on June 20th , 2010; Ayo who works as a tout ( agbero) with the NURTW, Ojuelegba, had called on my daughter  to bring  cooked cassava  floor (Amala’)and meat  worth N150 to him in his office at  Number 30,  Makinde street, Ojuelegba, because, according to him, he does not want to be seen eating outside with his ordinary hand.  Not suspecting anything, my daughter took the food to him. I was busy attending to my other customers when she came back crying with bruises all over her body.  Some  people at the building where it happened brought  her to me.

When asked what happened, she told me that she had just been raped by Ayola..   At first, it was like she was speaking in a language I could not understand. I stood gazing at space for the first 20 minutes. I was confused. The thought of my daughter being raped on the bare floor because she was assisting me was hitting me so bad. What was her crime? Why should she be meted with that kind of treatment. I was in this state when my colleagues advised me to go and report the incident at the police station.

We all went and they gave me two police women to accompany me to effect Ayo’s arrest. They went with me and arrested him. We were then advised by the police to go and get a medical report to this effect.  We went to Lagos Island Medical Center and she carried out all the necessary tests. It was confirmed that she had been raped. I have a copy of the result here with me.

After this, Ayo was arrested and later released in July, 2010; because the police said it was a bailable offense.  My grievance now is that after he was released,  Ayo has been boasting to people that my daughter is just one of his trophies, that he can rape any lady he wants and nothing will happen. He is a serial rapist. He has been raping women, even before the incident with my daughter, he had raped one Titi, a bread seller at Yaba.

It is also on record that he had raped his wife’s friend and his 19 year -old landlord’s daughter.  After my daughter’s case, he raped a girl inside one of the primary schools at Mushin.  She was seen crying under a tree in the school compound.   When she mentioned what Ayo did to her, everybody was shouting ‘Ayo again, Ayo again; nothing was done to him after that.  All I am crying for is for justice to be done to this case.  I almost ran mad when I saw my daughter crying that she had been raped.   I have been hearing stories of rape victims, but I didn’t know it would affect me this way.

My husband and I went through a lot for two weeks after the rape incident.   We could not come out from our house.  What he does is to bet among his friends that he will sleep with a lady and then he goes ahead to rape that woman. We gathered that he had a bet with some of his friends that complained that  my daughter has been proving hard to get, that they should wait and see, that he will get her.

The Threat:

The accused had threatened that if I don’t withdraw the case from the court, he will send his gang after me. I have mentioned this threat to the Magistrate.  I have also gone to a radio station, ‘Bond FM’ after the incident to make it public,  I took the matter to Poverty Alleviation Office at Alausa-Ikeja, they gave me a date that I should come, when I went on the said date, they told me that already my daughter has matured,  moreover, that Ayo was not the one who dis-virgined her. After that, they did not do anything about the case.  I was heart broken.”

Counsel to the defendant, Imelda Adebambo who also spoke with Crime Alert said, “ It is an offense for any man to have canal knowledge of any woman without her consent. The accused has been on this for so long, and the other women affected have not had the courage to come out.  In this case, I believe the law will take it’s cause and justice will be done.


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  1. We should make tough legislation that put away rapists behind bars for a very long time.


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