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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kanye West Recalls Smashing His Head into a Street Sign

It seemed to hurt his ego as much as it hurt his head.

When Kanye West walked into a caution sign in front of the paparazzi, - some of whom were taking video -  his male pride was wounded hugely; and to make matters worse, his 'baby mama' Kim Kardashian was also by his side.

West, 35, reacted with anger rather than a self-deprecating shrug and so it's wise that he was taking measures to avoid a repeat incident in New York.

The proud rapper strode manfully down the Manhattan sidewalks with his eyes fixed firmly ahead of him.
Meanwhile, back in L.A, Kanye's $750'000 Lamborghini Aventador was spotted crashing through Kim Kardashian's electric gates, the drive was obscured by tinted windows but it's unlikely Kanye had got back to the West Coast so quickly.

His lady, 32, wasn't behind the wheel either as it seemed to be a driver - who clumsily bashed the gates - transporting the Batmobile there for Kanye.

Kanye knocked his bonce on Friday while on a lunch date with Kim.

And he looked grumpy as he left Kim's house on Saturday morning in Los Angeles sporting a giant protrusion just below his hairline. 

He is known for looking glum even at the best of times, but the rapper appeared in a particularly foul mood as he made his way across his reality star girlfriend's front lawn early in the morning.

The bump was especially prominent from a distance as it protruded in a mound from his forehead.

He was likely still recovering after Friday's painful - and somewhat embarrassing - incident, which occurred as he and Kim made their way into Vietnamese eatery in 9021 Pho in Beverly Hills.

He was busy chatting to his girlfriend when he walked into the signpost, immediately bending over in pain as he placed his head in his hands.

Making the incident even more embarrassing was the fact that the sign was emblazoned with a  warning that read: 'Caution: Watch For Pedestrians'.

The Touch The Sky rapper was left with an abrasion in the middle of his forehead and was clearly not impressed.

As he became more and more enraged, paparazzi checked to see if he was okay, but Kanye appeared not to be left with any serious injuries.

 Heavily pregnant Kim also looked on with deep concerned after her man hit his head, grabbing his arm, trying to coax him.

However, after going into the restaurant to nurse his wounds Kanye did not calm down.

Instead, the rapper came back out of the eatery and started yelling at a photographer.

Caught on video by TMZ Kayne screams: 'Don't take another f**king photo man.'

'All you motherf**kers stop it.'

Despite the photographer saying he had just got there, there was no stopping the angry Kanye who shoved the man's camera out of his hands.

Another patron even joins in the yelling before Kanye storms back into the restaurant.

Culled from DAILYMAIL

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