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Monday, May 27, 2013

Simply SamaD Fan Writes on Islam and Boko Haram


ISLAM: There is no compulsion in religion.

BOKO HARAM: Everyone must adhere to our ways else...

ISLAM: Love all and be just to all regardless of religion.

BOKO HARAM: If you are not with us you are against us.

ISLAM: Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)lived peacefully with Christians and Jews as his neighbours.

BOKO HARAM: All non-muslims must leave the north.

ISLAM: You are only permitted to protect yourselves when you are attacked first. And you should retaliate justly but if you leave everything to Allah it is better for you.

BOKO HARAM: We attack all who stand in our way.

ISLAM: A Muslim is one whom other Muslims are safe from his tongue and hands.

BOKO HARAM: We do not care your religion, Muslim or Christian we will crush any who stands in our way.

ISLAM: Innocent killing is a great sin. Allah has ordered us not to do it! No human being has the right to take life.

BOKO HARAM: They thing that Godwill not punish them.

ISLAM: When there is a war. Women and children must not be touched not to talk of when there is no war.

BOKO HARAM: We kill men, women, and children.

ISLAM: When there is a war, all non-muslims that run into their places of worship or their homes will not be harmed. Talkless of when there is no war.

BOKO HARAM: We bomb non-muslims in their places of worship, we also bomb Muslims in their places of worship and homes if we feel they are a threat to us.

Do you believe the Boko Haram sect is politically driven or is there more to this than most of us can see?

Mail from a Simply SamaD fan.

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