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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Letter to Nigerian Soldiers [Boko Haram Update]

I just received this and thought I should share it with you. Kindly read and tell us what you think:

"While waiting to board a flight from Charlotte to Atlanta sometime last year, I noticed a small number of US Soldiers were also waiting to board the same flight. I was immediately fascinated by their youthfulness and nice camouflage . They looked like boys and girls to me. I even suspected they were cadets.

My first surprise came when the flight was about to board. The announcer made it clear that men and women of the US army should step forward and board first the plane first. This was go ahead of other passengers on the first class compartment.
When we had all boarded the flight, the pilot then announced that the airline was happy and privileged to be flying with men of the US army and welcomed them specially on board.

When we landed in Atlanta, the pilot announced again and thanked the men of the US army for flying with United Airlines and this time everyone on the plane went into a round of applause, clapping for almost a minute. I had to join in clapping for the US soldiers. This is how much America values the men and women, battling insurgents in other to protect the home land.

Today let's offer prayers and applaud the men and women battling insurgents from Bayelsa to Nassarawa , from Borno to Yobe, from Katsina to Kano. Staying awake for us to sleep.

They have taken the battle to the enemies so we can live a normal life. These are the real men with balls. Not the cowards that attack defenseless people and scurry away to hide. God bless Nigerian Army. God bless Nigeria..."


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