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Monday, June 24, 2013

Karen Igho’s Evangelical Outing

Fans of Kanren Igho know she’s not an evangelist. Rather, she’s an On-Air-Personality, show host and Big Brother Africa reality TV show winner but what she embarked upon on June 2, which was a Sunday had all the contraption and colours of evangelism.

On Sunday, the radio presenter took to her Twitter timeline and began dropping tweets that had all the core elements of a fleeting sermon.

For those who missed her Tweets, here’s one of such messages:

“I am not a saint. We are all sinners. What matters now is trying to make it right with God.

As expected, some of her fans used the opportunity to express their love for her and the brand she represents.

A certain Sam said, “Karen, your Tweets have been an inspiration to my life. May God grant you your heart’s desires and soonest.”

However, others also rose to the occasion of sarcasm and spoke their hearts via rhetorical questions.
A Twitter user, Amiaberry said, “You don turn Evangelist because today na Sunday abi?”

As the wave of sarcasm continued to rise, one Tweet suddenly caught Igho’s attention and she ensured it got a reply. The tweet was from another user with the name Jamillionaire who wrote: 

“Are you sure she’s the one tweeting it or is it an auto Tweet.

Igho’s reply to this went thus: “Too bad it’s me tweeting. Don’t be mad.

Jamillionaire followed this with another comment: “Just wanted to clear my doubts.

At this point, Igho came down hard on Jamillionaire and wrote: “You don’t think I’m good enough or can compose an inspirational tweet. May God help people like you that look down on others.”

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