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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Good Relationship Must Never Lack These

A Good Relationship should improve you, that is, enhancing your morals or intellectual abilities.

A Relationship is not all about sex, cuddling or oral sex....we should be concerned of what we would achieve on the long run.

We should be in Relationships, where our Partners motivate and help us in achieving our Dreams, where we acquire new Skills and improve on our Talents, that are relevant to our personal growth and success.

We shouldn't be in a Relationship because she's beautiful or he's rich, we should be worried if we are not growing or developing....that is, moving from one Phase of our Lives to another.

You are in a Relationship for 2years and when you look back to the time you started the Relationship, all you could see are insults, fights, quarrels and sex.....no achievement, you are just the same way you started......My Dear, it's not cool.

If you are in a Relationship, that your boyfriend doesn't discuss about your Career, Academics or Future ambitions....I just wonder what you guys are discussing!

A Relationship where your girlfriend doesn't contribute to your personal development, is not a Relationship.

We should attract Relationships that are relevant to our Growth and Success. Stop wasting time.
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