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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Effects of Marijuana on Sex...

Many think smoking a jane has no effect to our sex lives,..Many guys would want to smoke some few puffs before having intercourse thinking they will feel much love in action,some force their partners to also smoke before they start heavy petting.

Marijuana can cause serious sexual problems in many couples. Smoking a jane might make you think you're feeling the love, but studies show marijuana can be detrimental to your sex life.Here i list some effects..

*Marijuana users might experience very weak orgasms or not experience them at all

*To some people marijuana make them lose interest in sex, feel too lethargic for sex, or too self-conscious to enjoy it.

*Some raise questions asking if Marijuana affects a man's fertility? marijuana to contribute to erectile dysfunction is unknown but Men who smoke marijuana frequently have significantly less seminal fluid, a lower total sperm count and their sperm behave abnormally, all of which may affect fertility.

*Marijuana amplify one's pre-existing personality traits: paranoia; fearfulness; gregariousness; anxiety; aggressiveness, etc. And, these factors don't jump out the window when you jump into bed.

* As a rule, habitual use of marijuana or any illicit substance will lead to long-term detrimental consequences on one's sexual health and function, as well as general health and well-being.

* Smoking up impairs both coordination and judgment, much in the same way that alcohol use does. So, making safe and comfortable decisions about sexual behavior might be difficult, and interactions might be filled with a lot of fumbling. Let's face it: sex can take a lot of coordination, even while completely sober!

* Long-term use of marijuana does seem to affect reproductive health. Marijuana can impact testosterone production and other hormones. This can in turn can affect fertility, erectile dysfunction, menstruation, and other areas. Also, heavy, long-term marijuana use can either cause or contribute to low motivation and sex drive.

Culled from MSONGO

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