Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hot Jobs For The Day [Vacancies]

Below are some vacancy opportunities I feel you can take advantage of.

Please be careful of scams and '419' individuals.

Do not pay any sum for interviews, call up, or anything. It's a scam.

1.Web designer needed
-Young (18-23years), dynamic and creative
Send CV to info@550concepts.com

2.Asset Manager http://goo.gl/q7zTc 
3Deepwater Completions Engineer http://goo.gl/HYcJMT

4.Deepwater Drilling Engineer http://goo.gl/Ld8Fjv

5.Customer Service Manager http://goo.gl/CX5mDe

6.Marketing Exec/sales Managers http://goo.gl/QEhbER

7.Sales/Marketing Rep http://goo.gl/KaIUj

8.Sales/ Marketing Rep http://goo.gl/8ifJYJ

9.Power Engineer http://goo.gl/KmLGPc

10.Marketing &Sales Manager For Rotating Equipment Service http://goo.gl/DCko29

11. Manager Legal Services http://goo.gl/6Cl03r

12.Life Circle Management – Service/operations Manager http://goo.gl/yYkmL

13.Zonal Sales Executive http://goo.gl/O1XZd

14.Healthcare Business Executive http://goo.gl/7rzM4

15.Specialist Business Executive http://goo.gl/RO7rwl

16.Reg Manager http://goo.gl/ihgf6

17. Chief Evaluation Officer http://goo.gl/1NalI

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