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Saturday, July 13, 2013

If You Reside in Lagos and Your Girlfriend or Wife Knows This Woman, Then You Should Be Worried

I just received a message about a certain woman in Lagos simply known as Mama Dolphin and I hear one of the reasons she goes by this alias is because her office or her do we call it prayer headquarters is reportedly situated in Dolphin Estate in Lagos.
According to sources close to me, I hear she is considered by many (especially females) to be the saviour of single and married women alike who reside in Lagos at the moment.

Are you wondering why she's considered a saviour? Here: I gathered she's a professional in the art of making a man submit totally to any woman who eats her special meal. I have also heard that her 'office' always has an unbelievable queue at its entrance. I have also been told that the moment you see 'Mama Dolphin,' all is well with your relationship with you man.

Did I hear you ask what she does? Well, here's the answer:

We hear she would prepare you a whole cockerel or Chicken (well prepapred and ready to be eaten).

However, eating it has a very strict process and conditions if you are to leave a happy client - It must  be eaten by you alone whole and never to be shared with anyone or anything at all.

You must make sure that the bones are all intact during and after the eating process. It must not be cracked at all.

After this is done, whatsoever the lady does, the husband or boyfriend would never raise an eyelid. Even if a trailer passes through it, it would okay by the husband/boyfriend.

That's not all, if the lady (wife, girlfriend or mistress) asks for the whole of everything in the universe, the man would provide it, no matter what.

It doesn't just end there, the other part is the enchanted (Vudu) waist beads that mama gives her clients; old, young, single or married.

Once a man has sexual intercourse with the lady or woman in question, except God helps the man, then he is forever hooked. He becomes a puppet in her hand, totally subservient to all her whims, caprices and requests/demands.

Dear men, has your girlfriend or wife visited Mama Dolphin or does she have friends who have? Tread carefully and remember to ask God for His protection at all times.

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