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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Is This True About Ibadan Girls?

I just read a list of anonymous submissions about Ibadan girls. Read below and tell me how true you think they are:

When SURE Deodorant meets the Armpit of an Ibadan Girl, it becomes UNSURE.

Ibadan children put AGBO in their water bottle when they go to school.

IbadanPeople go get like 8 tribal marks on both cheeks with multiple stretch marks and go still want a tattoo.

Ibadan girls brag about getting Brand New Tribal Marks.

Ibadan girls spray Perfume before they take Pictures.

A Typical Ibadan Man sprays all his Money at a Party and Treks home.

In a typical Ibadan kitchen, all their utensils ve 'Bolanle is One', 'Segun weds Tope', 'Mama is Gone', 'Adieu Papa.'

Ibadan Girls don't visit the SPA, they rub Palm Oil on their body and sit in the Sun.

Model: TOLU

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