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Monday, July 29, 2013

Michael Jackson's Mum Tells His Sad Story

In the ongoing lawsuit surrounding Michael Jackson's death, it was finally time for the prosecution to take the stand.

Katherine Jackson, the 83-year-old matriarch of the Jackson brood, stepped forward to testify against the promoters of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" 50-concert tour, for her suit against AEG Live LLC claiming they were negligent in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, a choice that led to her son's death.

"I want to know what happened to my son," she told jurors. "I leave the spotlight for my children. A lot of the things that have been said [here] are not the truth ... [It's hard] to listen to how sick my son was and nobody was trying to help him."

Jackson died in his sleep, after Dr. Murray enabled him to take a deadly dose of the anaesthetic Propofol on June 25, 2009. Murray is currently serving four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

The King of Pop's mother claims she expressed her concerns about Michael's ability to perform 50 shows in such tight sequence as had been originally planned. "He couldn't do every other night like AEG wanted him to do at first," she said.

While Katherine described how she continually asked her son how he was doing, he would in turn tell her he was OK. "'I don't want to hear on the news that you're not here anymore,'" she claimed to have told him.
"Sometimes the mothers are the last to know."

The pop star’s mom spent much of the morning discussing what it was like raising her nine children — who were all musically inclined — in a four-bedroom house in Gary, Indiana.

"When all the kids were dancing around, he was in my arms and he couldn't be still," said Katherine. "He was dancing to the music. And when he started to talk, he would still dance."

She noted her son loved a good beat so much that she would often find Michael standing next to her rattling washing machine "dancing, sucking on the bottle, to the squeaking of the washer."

When a photo of Michael as a toddler was shown to the court, Katherine smiled. "It shows him as a sweet little boy to me," she said. "My baby."

And despite his fame, Katherine insisted MJ remained sweet throughout his entire life.

"Michael has always been sensitive and loving," she said while recalling one instance where he was crying because one of his brothers was sick.

The 12-week long battle between the promoter and the Jackson family has not gone unnoticed in the Los Angeles area. The fans' support for the musical clan has been constant through the past few months, as people have shown up at the courthouse to offer support for Katherine as she continues to sit through her son's trial.

"I know my son was a very good person. He loved everybody," she said. "He was in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' for the entertainer who gave the most to charity."

Source: OMG

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