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Friday, July 12, 2013

Scary! Strategy, Branding and the Art of Mysticism

Scary. Strategy, Branding and the art of Mysticism.

From the unknown claims yet rising popularity of 'Illuminati' to the vivid pictures of heaven and hell in the Book of Revelations. From the myths of thunder, whether from the Greeks (Thur) or the Yoruba's (Sango). From the childhood tales of the Chinese "Dragons" to our own "Bush Babies". From the 1850's invasions of Otto Von Bismarck on Prussia (territories of modern day Austria and Germany) to Nigeria's biggest brand campaign till date, The 3 Orange Men by Mirinda.

This is explained in the 4th Hexavian Law, Branding.

Whether life or business, engage in lateral thinking and before launch, keep a part unknown.

In branding and strategy, mystery always sells.

Like Lady Gaga's weirdness, like the ground breaking horror video of Michael Jackson's Thriller, like Ben Enwonwu fine art crafts in our museums or even Picaso or Da Vinci's decoded artworks at the gallery you do not understand yet you pay so much for. Create a deep feel not totally understandable. It draws value and attention.

Understand branding, perception and strategy from a deeper perspective, mystery.

In the words of Ezra Taft Benson. "Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul", use this concept to create a void, to play with the minds of others.

Don't be an open book, like the Lauryn Hill song, "The Mystery of Iniquities", create a part to be deciphered. In the words of the Mafia, Don Clericuzzo from The Last Don, he says, "Sometimes silence is the loudest and most effective type of sound. Sometimes, The Loudest guy in the room is the weakest guy." Shhh.. Silence, mystery.

Be Deep, Be©Hexavian.

Fadoju Babajide for Hexavia
Brand & Strategy
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