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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Brother Africa The Chase: Dillish Gets the Cash, Beverly gets the hammer

  • For Melvin, another loss and a soft landing

Namibian representative at the recently ended Big Brother Africa reality TV show was apparently one of the contestants who made it to the grand finale of the show but what stunned millions of viewers was how she was able to breeze past formidable contenders especially Beverly who clearly stood out as one of the most controversial housemates the show has ever produced.

The 2013 edition of the show has come and gone but it did not leave without its familiar razzmatazz of controversies, scandals and the sex games that runs through the pulse of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show.

Towards the final moments of the show, Nigerians kicked off a fiery campaign across social media networks as they called for votes for the Nigerian representatives who had made it to the finals, Beverly and Melvin.

As expected, the votes went in and fingers were anxiously crossed as the world awaited the outcome of the show. One of the biggest questions that lay unanswered at that point was: "Will a Nigerian win again?"

Such an outcome would have punched a glaring hole in the heart of the show's credibility given the astounding number of Nigerians who have won previous editions of the show.

The seconds ticked on and all eyes remained glued to the screens.

Dillish might not have been the most popular choice from a random pick of 10 but at the end, she got the job done and her reward was $300,000 (which amounts to N48 million when converted into Naira using N160 to $1 exchange rate).

It is certainly no longer news that the Nigerian representatives, Melvin and Beverly failed to claim the ultimate prize despite coming extremely close to clinching it.

For Melvin, this marks another monumental loss given his fate at other reality shows like the Gulder Ultimate Search and others that he had participated in. Despite not winning, one thing he was loved for was the morally upright personality he brought into the show; an attribute that won him countless glowing comments from viewers.

For Beverly, it was an outing marked by colours of sexual provocation, intimacy, love games, broken hearts and a generous show of nude ad semi nude episodes.

She might not have won but given the level of attention she created around herself, it might not be shocking to see the model consolidate on her colourful outing at the show and the level of exposure, networking and popularity that came with the show. All of this would be dependent on precisely how she intends to make all of this work in her favour.

While Dillish won the cash prize, Beverly found herself on the receiving end of something totally different.
Comments from a broad spectrum of Nigerian viewers seemed to capture how she was viewed in certain quarters.

Speaking on the emergence of Dillish as winner, an anonymous source said, "Wow! I'm so happy it's her and not Beverly. Thank God."

Without mentioning any specific name, another viewer of the show, Sheni said, "Well, whoever wins is fine by me. At least, it's not the harlot!"

A good number of Nigerians held the opinion that having two Nigerians in the finals was completely counterproductive as made manifest in the divided votes from Africa's most populous nation.

The battering of Beverly rarely ceased even after the show as another anonymous viewer said, "I am so happy that 'Ashawo' called Beverly did not win. I'm so happy about that."

Taking a critical look at the show, a viewer explained that a lot of people failed to understand the voting system and how it favoured Dillish. "Big Brother Africa is not about the population of the country but the number of countries that voted. Votes from West Africa were divided among Beverly, Melvin and Elikem while Dillish focused on South Africa where she comes from."

Once again, the hammer returned and came down hard on Beverly via another comment: "Thank God Beverly lost it. I was beginning to think her sexual stupidity would get her a ticket to win."

Interestingly, it wasn't a complete firing squad as some viewers stood firm to give her a thumbs up. "All you haters of Beverly, you guys should please leave her alone. She was not the only one that had sex in the house. In fact, she was the last girl to have sex in the house. If you watched this edition of the BBA well, you would have seen that Betty was the first housemate to have sex. Cleo also had sex in the house, and the same goes for the rest of them who dated. What make Beverly's case different? As for Dillish winning, I think it was her character that helped her to win. Her beauty was just a bonus. She wasn't my candidate though," a viewer said.


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