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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dear Single Ladies, Here's My Honest Advice to You


You should know this. There's another girl out there who would be glad to take your boyfriend off your hands if she could and honestly, why shouldn't she? It seems like you don't even want to be with him anymore.

You're acting less like a girlfriend every day. You no longer text him like you used to and when you do, there's no emotion in it like there was before.

You don't wanna be all sweet like you used to be with him, holding hands & having long embraces with him.

You don't feel like making out like you did when you first met him, now you keep on giving him lame excuses all the time. It even feels different when you touch him because it doesn't have the same passion like it used to.

When you meet him you no longer give him those romantic looks. You're now so secretive and always on a rush. You are totally changed.

I mean, if you're bored, why are you still with him? Why waste his time if you are seeing someone else? Why do you still want to keep him around as a fool yet you already moved on?

He needs a girl who can be consistent with giving him the attention & affection a guy needs.

He expects this from you, not another girl. Will it feel good when another girl replaces you and loves your boyfriend right? If you really love him and you don't want to lose him then love him without measure, fight his imperfections and weaknesses, love him the way you found him, don't change him because he won't be real and pure.

If you really feel that your boyfriend is the love of your life, chase him, don't allow him go when he is hurt yet he possesses your love.

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