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Thursday, September 12, 2013

If You Own a Car and Live in Nigeria, Please Read This

Hi all, I just received this message from a fan and I thought I should share it with you. Read message below:

"Dear Nigerians, by the end of September 2013; precisely October 1st , it will become an offense to drive your car without the new plate number which goes for about =N=35,000.00 per car.

Again we are going to be played by our political leaders. One of them has struck a deal of the century.

Imagine the number of cars and how much that will be made in this whole transaction? They just sit down over a drink, cook up a deal, pass it into law, now we are made to service that business within a given time.

None of them care how we will find that kind of money. All they care about is just pay. Annoyingly no difference on the plate except for the Nigerian map on it.

Also the numbers are purely a reverse of existing ones; For example: AA 831 KJA and KJA 831 AA. Did you notice the difference? This is pure fraud.

How will this exercise benefit Nigerians?

Once again our political leaders have shown that the opinion of the masses do not count. How can the use of the new fraudulent plate numbers become an OFFENCE?

Why are we always being played? Say a big NO to continuous extortion of the masses!! N35,000 is way too high for a map on a plate number..this is outrageously wicked.

How many people can afford N3,500, much more N35,000...?"

What do you think?

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