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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Joke of the Week


AKPOS was hungry and went to 'Mai Shayi' (men who sell tea and bread in Nigeria) also known as 'Aboki' and the dialogue below ensued:

AKPOS: You get loaf of bread?

AKPOS: bring one; slice am into two and put two small packs of butter in between

ABOKI: (Happy and thanking God for bringing customer, is quickly doing as he is instructed)

AKPOS: You get egg?

ABOKI: yes customer

AKPOS: Fry 6 eggs put am inside the bread.

ABOKI: Okay customer

AKPOS: You get Sardine?

ABOKI: Yes customer everything dey.

AKPOS: Put two Sardines inside the bread.

ABOKI: Okay customer (happy and doing as he is told, already enthusiastic he'll make a lot of money)

AKPOS: you don finish? Oya press the bread together for me.

ABOKI: See am customer, i don prepare am finish.


[Dear reader, how do you think this will end for Akpos?]

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