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Friday, September 20, 2013

Things That Will Shock You About Anita Joseph [+13 Sexy Photos]

Of course the Nigerian movie industry is laden with beautiful faces, talented actors and actresses and of course individuals who can turn a script into a multi-million naira project that stretches beyond the shores of a single location.

We also know that it takes something special to stand out in a crowd where having something extra goes a long way in determining how far you fly and how high up into the heights of recognition you eventually climb and this special recipe is what forms the seemingly magic carpet that has seen Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph stand in the line-up of Nollywood divas who know their onions and understand the terrain.

Like many in her class, the sexy actress has also had her turbulent moments as well as those golden moments capable of extracting a smile from a dying man.

She has over the years proven herself as an actress who understands the terrain and who knows how to use what she has to get what she wants and that’s one of the reasons we shall be taking a peep into some parts of this visually stunning actress that many are yet to encounter.

She once came extremely close to dying on the set of a movie she was cast in when a suicide scene almost turned real. In the movie, Anita Joseph played the role of a woman who mistakenly killed her husband and was so devastated by her role in her husband's death that she decided to hang herself in the movie. While trying to get her neck into the noose, disaster struck as Anita Joseph almost got herself killed when the noose tightened around her neck and she simultaneously lost her footing. “I don't know what happened. I think they forgot to pull the rope or something and I almost died. Though it was a mistake, when I came down, my eyes were turning and I almost quit,” she said.

As an artiste, Anita Joseph bears the moniker Nita J

She is an actress, artiste and model.

In the university (University of Calabar), she stopped acting because I studied Linguistics and I didn’t want to go into it at the time.

In first movie, she   played the role of a young girl; her name was Helen. The title of the movie was ‘Good Samaritan.’

"I didn’t tell my parents about my plans to become an actress. I didn’t tell them I was going into acting because I just wanted to surprise them. Nobody knew but after I had my first role, my elder sisters knew because we were very close. My parents didn’t know but my sisters knew. Right now, they all know."

She is her parents’ 9th child.

She has seven sisters and three brothers.

She values her boobs and backside more than any other part of her body.

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