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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Fan's Message to Wizkid

On Wizkid's Fatherhood: I have been getting this updates and read the story on some blogs that "Wizkid spends Sallah break with his cute 2year old son…" Another one was titled "Wizkid is such a great dad.

I also read another which read thus: "To make up for his busy schedules, Wizkid decided to spend his Sallah break with his two year old son, Boluwatife. Despite the fact that Wizkid is not with his baby’s mum, he’s a great dad to Boluwatife. He even has his name tattooed on his left hand. The little man even plaits his hair…"

Please I want the people pushing this story to tell me if this is the way they were raised? Some would argue that times have changed but I beg to differ.  Even Wizkid, was he brought up this way? His parents are still together! Did they spend a day or two in a year, with him for him to turn out one of the best artistes in Nigeria today and a Master of Rythym?

I am a huge fan but at his age, with a baby, he is still sowing his wild oats! Some will argue that it comes with his present status and demands of his career. I can still remember what it was like for me, when as a child, I didn't see my Father for two weeks! Please, we must be very careful not to make such examples, role models when starting a family because the family is the bedrock of the society. To see your kid once or twice a Year does not make you a good Father! The kid requires more than what money can buy to be a normal adult! Our young father can do more. Thank You…

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