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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bullet-Proof Car Scandal: Nigerians React

Her priorities misplaced

I do understand why some ministers have lost priorities; they just seem to lavish money on things that don’t matter. Why must the minister of aviation buy bulletproof cars worth N255m? What is the essence of the cars? The aviation sector is under threat yet she is lavishing money on useless things. I think she needs to set her priority straight.  If the aviation sector doesn’t get its act right, it cannot attract genuine investors. It’s high time the sector had a rethink. At this critical time, buying bulletproof cars should be the last thing in the aviation sector.

— Michael Femi
Display of stupidity

It’s barbaric. A dance of shame. It is a display of stupidity of our present leadership. At this time when the future of our youth is on hold, an underperforming minister is spending the collective wealth of the country for her benefit. If she feels her life is in danger, she ought to resign and return home. I’m also surprised that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority acted in such irresponsible manner. Nigerians are not fools and this act of stupidity should not be taken lightly.

— Tosin Agboola

The cars must be returned

I am too angry to give a coherent opinion. It is wasteful, brazen and just plain wickedness. I am sure she didn’t act alone. She should be fired along with those who made the allocation available for the purchase of the cars. The cars should be returned with immediate effect and the bill of return made public.

— Tolu Awodiya

This is not right

The purchase of the cars is not the right thing to do now considering the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the country. There is even a lingering face-off with the Academic Staff Union of Universities hinged on monetary matters. Besides, as the minister of aviation, she should be more concerned about the state of the aviation industry which has been facing so many challenges in recent times. Let her resign from office and face the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission immediately.

— Obayemi Gbenga

She is selfish

The purchase of two armoured cars worth N225m for the Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is nothing but sheer waste of public resources. Buying bulletproof cars with such a ridiculous amount is inexplicable.  Why must she buy such a expensive cars? Her move obviously says she has skeletons in her cupboard. The crisis in the aviation sector needs immediate attention. The money she spent in buying the cars could have been used to fix the rot in the aviation sector. Or it could have been used to set up small businesses for unemployed graduates. I feel the aviation minister is greedy and self-centred.

— Ogbebule Irebowale

This is a shame

The purchase of two armoured vehicles for the aviation minister is a plain case of misplaced priorities on the part of the NCAA and the minister herself. It shows public officials waste money on their personal upkeep. It is a big shame to this nation.

— Chinedu Osuji

She should be sacked

It is sad that at a critical moment like this, the minister of aviation is said to have got two armoured cars. Just recently, there was a plane crash which killed about 15 people. There were also cases of emergency landing lately. Sadly, instead of addressing air safety, the minister has been insulting our intelligence by telling us that our air space is one of the safest. It does not take a rocket science to know that Mrs. Stella Oduah’s claim is nothing by an attempt to cover her ineptitude since she assumed duty. It is ridiculous, outrageous and misplaced priority to be buying armoured cars with such amount. The act is one of the cases of impunity that the current administration is noted for and also coming on the heels of an allegation of another minister being accused of spending several millions on flying a private jet. There is no better time than this to sack the minister of aviation if Mr. President is truly interested in fighting graft.

— Solomon Kehinde.

A sheer waste                                

Nigerian ministers like wasting public funds. She is following in the footsteps of his predecessors. We are used to wasting public funds in Nigeria. I am sure God will punish those wasting our funds at the appropriate time.

— Aderoju Adelere

It’s pathetic

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of our ministers. They are so wasteful. The country has been experiencing series of plane crashes and yet the one thing on the mind of the aviation minister is to buy two bulletproof cars. How pathetic! It clearly shows that she has misplaced her priorities. Someone needs to talk some sense into her head. It is time she sat down and fixed her sector. I pray that her eyes of understanding would be enlightened.

— Rachel Omole

We need to get things right

Nigeria has misplaced her priorities. It is glaring that until we do what is right, the country will not flourish.

— Wale Ajayi

Overhaul the sector  

Mrs. Stella Oduah ‘s aviation ministry got two cars worth N225m recently while in the last two years over 200 innocent lives perished due to air mishap caused by either human or machine errors in the ministry. I want to believe that this is not needed at this point in time. We misplace our priorities a lot in this country. How can a house be on a fire and the next thing to do is to be making drainages? The ministry should have spent taxpayers’ money to overhaul the aviation ministry by organising thorough mandatory professional trainings for her personnel and getting good equipment needed in the sector. But unfortunately, it appears that the sector is suffering from attitudinal problems.

— Alo Fisayo

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