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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photographic Evidence of Vera Sidika's HIV Status Emerges

The social media terrain recently came alive with unconfirmed reports of rising video vixen, Vera Sidika allegedly testing positive to the dreaded HIV virus.

The sexy model whose profile continues to rise as made manifest in her appearance in Nigerian music videos had initially dismissed this as another prank, the impact of such an allegation downed on her when a close associate confronted her with the unconfirmed report of her disturbing HIV status.

No longer able to bear the impact of the rumour on her personality and reputation, Vera as she is fondly called expressed her worries to the ‘close person’ and thereafter requested that she gets escorted to a laboratory.

Simply SAMAD learnt that she was escorted to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital for a HIV test and of course, the result came in.

After confirming her HIV status to be negative Vera said, “Y'all don't know how much it affects someone, especially when it involves their health. I just had to put an end to this!”

With this, Vera has cleared all doubts about her HIV status and walks proud with her shoulders high.

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