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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Message From Boyfriends' Association of Nigeria [BAN]

BREAKING NEWS From: The Boyfriends Association Of Nigeria(B.A.N)

To: Girlfriends

With regards to the meeting held today, the Boyfriends Association of Nigeria(B.A.N)decided to go on a two months strike starting from 1st December, 2013.

This strike is not to cause mayhem, riot or any form of break-up with our beloved girlfriends. We plan to use this strike period as a time for appraisal and re-dedication in our supposed relationship.

During this period,all forms of communication (formal or otherwise) is allowed but all form of financial assistance will be put to rest.

We assure our girlfriend(s) that during this supposed strike period, our commitment will be 100% and won't be questioned.

Also, this period, will not, WE repeat, will not pose a threat to the relationship. Full boyfriend responsibility will resume on the 1st of February, 2014 to enable both parties plan for the upcoming Valentines Day (14th February, 2014).

We thank our girlfriends for their anticipated 'Good Behavior' during this period.

Signed: CHAIRMAN (B.A.N)PLS: Forward to all members!

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  2. PMB EXCLUSIVE: GIRLFRIENDS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA REPLIES BOYFRIENDS ASSOCIATION'S LETTER http://pearl-magazine.blogspot.ie/2013/12/pmb-exclusive-girlfriends-association.html

    1. From: The Girlfriends Association Of Nigeria (G.A.N)

      To: Boyfriends

      Dear Boyfriends,

      We refer to your letter dated December 1, 2013.

      We found it shocking that you have decided to go on a two months strike starting from December 1, 2013.

      How on earth can you avoid mayhem or riot when you only want to communicate but put financial assistance to rest?

      Well, to avoid mayhem and riot, this is our decision:

      For long you have enjoyed subsidies on our monthly upkeeps, weave-on, clothing, jewelleries, accessories, recharge cards/BIS and feeding. We have been kind to you and that’s why we only request for BB and Cars from Sugar daddies. Now, no more mercies. As from February 1 when you shall call off your strike, you shall be responsible for ALL our needs WITHOUT any consideration for subsidies. We hereby officially fire Sugar daddies.

      Lastly, talking about Valentine, we don't want Mr Biggs, perf­ume, chocolate, sharwama, suya, ice-cream or flowers (we are not gardeners) and we don't even need iPad, iPhone or BB, just come and say hello to our parents, simple!

      Next year our wedding is a MUST so save enough money during your strike and for Val’s day, for the Wedding.

      We thank you boyfriends for your ‘co-operation’ till we talk again.

      Signed: CHAIRLADY (G.A.N)

      PLS: Forward to all members!

  3. @ islammiyah: your reply is the most hilarious thing I've read today. It's fresh and I just can't stop giggling. Lol


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