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Thursday, November 07, 2013

A UNIPORT Undergraduate shares his Campus Reminisce and ASUU Strike [In Pidgin English]

Wow! I can't believe i've stayed at home for four months and its still counting ....

I miss (those security men wey dey feel lik say dm be JTF )

Mehn...it hasn't been easy,I miss CONVOCATION ARENA (wey Humanities and Education students dey sit down look who dress well and who no dress well come school)

I miss MAMA ABUJA ( kai! That woman food no be here @fair prices sef)

I miss NIGHT CLASS (guys toasting,girls agreeing,thieves thiefing,90% sleeping

I miss Humanities and Basic Unit o (where boys dey always go find LCS and Basic chicks)

I miss D n' D and Melly Chicken (where Ofrima girls ready buy only 1 coke sit down press fone 4 2hours)

Hmmmmm.....cant imagine, no more early morning classes?no fixed classes and no test, I miss them all,(those my lecturers wey dey teach like say na dem get my head for me,com dey giv assignment like die!.....I miss dem too.

I miss the bus Conductors o (wey no dey ever get change once dem drop u for Abuja OR CHOBA PARK ..

Eheeiiii...!!!RUSHING OF BUS!...I miss u oh(I've forgotten my running and high jump skills, no UNIPORT bus to practice dem again)

I miss Aluu oo! Pritaso and Hilton 2 Ajebo chicks, Sunnas (where Aluu girls ready where bum short come buy N200 food, yet na dem form pass)

I miss Denross Guys; Igbo and Sk centre! I miss those Hilton2 boys sitting in front of Abu shade

I miss UNIPORT LIBRARY (while you dey concerntrate on your books,other students dey concerntrate on your bag)

I miss SOLUTION TREE(Relaxation spot for those wey no dey attend classes) I miss those photographers; wey tink say na evryday I go dey snap passport

I miss that short calabar pastor with big shoe and radio wey dy preach for choba junction, e can dance eeehn!

I miss dem all babes,secret admirers,lover boys,aristo gals,&loved ones....I miss sitting at the faculty, class blocks,strolling around campus,quarelling,and gossipping.

...I miss the ALUTA SPIRIT...I miss UNIPORT.

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