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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Did Nigerian Super Model, Oluchi Orlandi Really Do This?

I just read this online and a part of me silently prays that Nigeria' super model, Oluchi Orlandi did not do all of the things stated in the post below.

I'm not taking sides so I'm just going to paste it below unedited.

Less than three weeks after Nigerian international model, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi attacked her fellow Africans on Twitter calling them animals, she, on Friday 8 November, insulted a group of journalists who were at the premiere of her new show, Africa's Next Top Model.

Oluchi, who was the chief hostess at the weekend event held at Pravada Lounge on Victoria Island, Lagos, snubbed the media reps who had asked to be treated properly after being made to stand while others were on their seats during the delayed press conference.

According to the information provided, the whole drama started after the model, who came far late into the event, caused the organizers to move the earlier scheduled media briefing into the noisy hall of the night club.

Surely, the journalists didn't feel comfortable with the shift, minding crowd and noise.

After she rudely answered 3 questions, the newsmen stopped asking.

Oluchi felts their coldness and then asked if there were further questions, to which one of the journalists expressed disgust over the humiliation they had been subjected to.

Instead of apologizing Oluchi she said angrily: "I am only here to party and not to be answering questions."

And she just walked away leaving the outraged journalists in the middle of the club.

"Oluchi should be world class…she should be able to control herself in public no matter how upset she is. It's called anger management," said one of the event guests.

Her hot-tempered personality was revealed earlier as she shared a series of angry posts on Twitter:

"I am disgusted. DISGUSTED by human behaviour…Africans be like "no funds no meetings"… MONEY is not the root of evil. "Greedy Humans" are the root of evil… Hopefully I won't throw up soon. Bunch of inconsiderate animals!!!!…They know price tag of everything and the VALUE of nothing!!!…Incompetent idiots. Ugly souls. Monsters in human forms!…They won't let me enjoy my beauty sleep!"

The model was severely criticized for posting such coarse comments.

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